Can't Beat Booker 10-11 with Taylor

Wednesday, October 11th

Can Taylor beat Booker?


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It's her record is 797. Wins in just 85 losses this morning Sarah married for Taylor Taylor lives in South Boston makes it into north gossamer she's a bad check let's welcome mark to Austin's favorite game. I may narrow where we can't be occurring now shares or five questions. She's gonna ask you there all pop culture related I'm leaving the room when she ash you. So won't be able to hear anything OK and then it's Hoosier Donald committee it's the same five do you need a answer more correctly. Then me. But for that I say good. All right Taylor mr. Brad Coker is out. Seeds don't. Our question. Celebrating her birthday today is the girl rapper with a number one song of the country vote act yellow. She is the first female rapper and it's tough to charge since 1998. With Lauren hill. What is her name party beat you every is revealed that title on the premise of the third Dylan ten maybe. But there's still no guarantee it's getting made in the original all bill and Ted are about to feel which class. Which means Ted would be sent to military school math history or English. The scariest 51 years old today he reunited with what to nine to whenever costar on her show what I like about yield with Amanda bags. I don't past. Johnny having to cut jobs in May be dating they are seen drinking and chatting together what is the name the other steam miss. Dakota known for her roles and I am Sam and twilight. And finally Margot Robbie doesn't like to do just sexy Halloween costumes thinks she was James Franco from spring breakers when here. And she was the main guy from Friday the thirteenth another year what is his name Jason Terry we'll bring it back and look and and three rape. Let's listen Aston Kutcher the celebrating birthdays stays the girl rap. Her with a never was on the country vote act yellows and she is the first female rapper atop the church since 1988 when Lauryn Hill today what is her name party beat. Harry is revealed the title and premise of the third village had maybe there's still no guarantee it's gonna get made any Eurasian all they are about to fail one class this means to head would be sent to military school. NASA history or English is this your time yeah which it was bill on which analysts had. I don't know they were excellent because after Jesus lived. Areas 51 years old today she reunited with the white and a two and a costar in our show what I like about Leo was a man of times. Johnny Hannah Dakota Johnson Jane Mayer seemed your inking and chatting together and speed. What is the name of the other famous Dakota known for her roles and I am CM and twilight Dakota Fanning gets act. Finally I Margot Robbie doesn't do sixty Halloween costumes she was James Franco from spring breakers in the main guys from Friday the thirteenth what is his name. Jason force keys. That is less they anatomy and houses and Convergys and yeah crack. Is it funny how iPods they started as those countries and their hygiene every day of the year. I mean humanity it's different if I bottom line. That's impressive. Even express myself senator thanks for playing Taylor didn't hear it from outside and I can't be burger. Guys guys guys I'm.