Can't Beat Booker with Alexandra 7-20

Friday, July 20th

Can Alexandra beat Booker? 

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It's our record is 972. Wins in just 96 losses this morning San every for Alexandra Alexandra lives in San Marcus makes it Jimmy Johnston bush rushed for nonprofit let's welcome our Constance favorite game. Yeah and let's do this scandal either room in while I'm gone series gonna ask you the five questions that she is written girl pop culture related. And dashing and if Alex can reach you on a promise that they're. Definitely in your corner specialist that's the name is Alexandra. Yeah. Alex's name is Alex of course his wife's name is injury their daughter's name is Alexandria. And your Alexandra. Really pushing for though you know really George I. I get like you can't. All right Alexander to spread Booker is now it's V four door. So all number one time and Julian has just thirty years old today and love her so much on my favorite answer grants. She started what eighties remake the original starred Kevin Bacon. Eight Sander alleys fifty. It seat theater at least 47 years old today did you know she auditioned for the role of Maria and have alien Grey's Anatomy was. Ultimately cast is proceeding yanked from. Who created the show. Thought right. Boris has a new list of the world's fifteen most valuable sports scenes of 2000 any team. The number one team has quarterback because by the name tack press attack. And my speaking out but probably. An Australian tabloid says Miley Cyrus and the M Hemsworth have broken up. Because she wasn't ready for marriage and kids. And her son party in the US today she says the taxi me and turned on the radio. And what song was on. And I need Jim Carrey does not wanna do another Ace Ventura movie there's already been CEO he will not to a third. What is ace Ventura's job. And we'll bring him back key book Aaron. And. Berger is wearing a shirt that says call my agent what do I need a car or any questions. Six Y need to tell him that she got got out of five Kirk and I see here. All wow ray you yeah how did your worst case scenario we tied best case you RD one. Irrigate. Julianne half is thirty years old today and I love her lover all love her she's Syrian way eighties remake that lately and all that yeah. Peter Ellis 47 years old today. Did you know she auditioned for the role of Marie and an alien Grey's Anatomy that was ultimately cast is Cristina Yang litigants are different I love Marion to be alien eleven Christina Hague. We created mention John Iran's leader of boards has a new list of the world's dig deep most valuable sports teams in 2018. The number one team Dallas Cowboys and yeah. Obviously. Or his team. And Australian tabloid says Miley Cyrus helium Hemsworth had broken out because she wasn't ready for marriage or kids in her song party in the USA. Talks about Chad's LA and that's in the taxi and turn on the radio and oh what songs. Yes it. Ignorant Jim Carrey did and now I want to do another ace in short maybe there's already been to what is ace Ventura's job. He's had a judge is there yeah. Wow the reason. I'm not complaining. Plans and surely not diminishing the fact that you answer them all correctly Alexander congratulations. Only time that's the best yet you still didn't beat me right so I technically get the win but you do get the prize congrats and take you so much for client. I I stand at the end market and I can't see us.