Can't Beat Booker with Angela in South Austin

Tuesday, August 21st

Can Angela beat Booker?

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Ms. Couric and does 995 wins in just 97 losses this morning Zardari for Angela and our lives and works in South Boston course for the city of Boston to be exact its welcome her to Boston's favorite game. Get my hands. You Marty did you for calling for kidney book courage real simple all you have to do is give more right Demi and our pop culture trivia game a little leaguer right now Matt Clement try to takeaway here it's at least five questions that are written whenever you're down a comeback getting into the same five. Do you refresh it. I Angela mr. Brad Booker. Is couched it. People are horrible yeah. Heck do you hate it else I've prayed. OJ lo got the vanguard award last night in and TV be amazed and she did this of me the gazing at her farm and slate not a going to be her when I'm 49. She is joined by what artists that originally saying love don't cost as saying and I'm real with her. Unlike game. Didn't watch panicky and then things. Take these same bolt is 32 years old today by any story these same bolts first second let's get a complete soccer in Austin for the new. Austin old Dakota maybe it'll still happened what country does he run for in the Olympics. And in Spain. When underwriters fishy Harry is may have tied it not for real in room media when they were filming their 1982. Film. Which is about a certain person you knew it from Transylvania. To England so that he may find new blood what movie in my speaking of the Iraq War. Last night what DNY and best rock video for their song whatever it takes it the in TV the remains. The only time. Neat I don't know. I need to Napoli was spotted at dinner last week with the Playboy playmate and over the week gained his girlfriend deleted her disagreements now confirm they've broken up. His former girlfriend Lindsay shipped is currently works for wet TV show. Whoop whoop whoop whoop. No idea. Other. Children and kids. Okay. Hello Zito won rank. The links are. Energy early on San do you get sign outside the. Anger out there she started running cranes. Jennifer Lopez got big guard where less made MTV be amazing and she did this and then easing performance in appreciate that I was like why. Anyway Jennifer Lopez last night was joined by what artists who originally sang love don't cost as saying yeah and I'm real with her back in the day. A jar rule that's correct. This seat bolts is thirty years old today any story there was a second where he was maybe getting Kent Austin for the new soccer team beat Austin rubles over Cota who knows maybe it'll still haven't it was going to be called Austin bolts and I had that didn't make sense that one country does he run for in the Olympics. They neither is new this gem may guy does it's just I mean that's just me another world like that it is just plain bad. A dot com what with seconds to Jamaica and no I mean he's just didn't that you think it's a pot smoker in the world be like your dad can't start. And letters ACC batteries made tend not for real and Romania have lost filming what 1982 film about a certain persons moved from Transylvania to England so that he could find you. I missed the first part Britney citrus springs and or drag yet. Last and I ain't what they and won best rock video ads and TV game would be amazed at their songs or what ever it taint. Constantly imagine dragon's eggs. Ben Affleck was spotted at dinner last week with the Playboy playmate and over the weekend his girlfriend Lindsay should guess deleted her instant Raman now is can birds they have broken out Lindsay currently works for web TV show I've no idea I don't know anything about Lindsay showed. I have extra. Tammy talk about her yeah they always introduce her as Lindsay should gays who is also a producer and Saturday and I'll I'm you know that Bradley fair and that means you got. Mary tracked higher I would. Today I don't blame you strongly in one Iraq business reference that I like and that he's yeah. It's nice.