Can't Beat Booker with Beth

Monday, July 24th

Can Beth beat Booker? 


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It's your record is 745 wins which is 83 losses this morning Zardari for best best lives and our Boston makes a commute to Kyle Busch Jewish or non profit let's well dawson's favorite game. Yeah. Hard. Don't you know this words shares got five pop culture related trivia question she's gonna ask you I'm Kevin etc. my and no idea what questions are not going to be able to hear anything so as your down the flag me down coming into the changed by just a regular guy. I am proud. Time of death he is out the door and yeah added. You read the question number one Selena Gomez turned 25 years old on Saturday 2070 it was a big year for her new boyfriend is she produced a popular TV show and Netflix Calder lights. Oh I. I have it right about what about this event blanked reasons why how many reasons I don't know. A Lopez is 48 years old today what was the name of the guy she married before she was married to Marc Antony I'll give you his first name he was an actor and a choreographer his name was Chris what. Oh my god and the word. Prince Paul I don't know. Jimmy Smits is joining season four of how to get away with murder what cops show is Jimmy Smits most known for from 1994 to 2004. He played detective Bobby Simone. I didn't saw mr. David stay turns 53 years old on Saturday. This quote is from what famous David stage film is this you make me look fat no your face status. What they crashed there. And finally there's a new album from Boston the people out called secret hurts Levy came out Friday it supposedly features sixties inspired sounds. It's been seven years since Foster the people's hit song pumped up let. Bob. Yeah. I'm. Tired. What could that. I don't mind. At Scotland or she said there are a little south here young. Selena Gomez turned 25 years old on Saturday 2017 been a big year for her new boyfriend and she produced a popular TV show on Netflix. It was called blank reasons why thirteen reasons why I need Dan. Jennifer Lopez is 48 years old today bush she married she before merging Anthony was an actor choreographer or the bursting Chris. What was his last name's Chris from new Ager believe it's CR I ask Christian judge had no relation oil. She actually Jimmy Smits is joining season four of your show how to get away with murder yeah. He's not a sound from what cop show from nineteen any Ford as she doesn't former chief play detective Bobby Simone yeah. Jane this is really just usually just either law and order or NYPD blue truck you a 100%. Law and order and. It's NYPD I don't. David stay turned 53 years old on Saturday disk quotas from what's being missed David stage film does this do make me look fat. Know your face does Charlie bush hits. Finally there's a new album out not Friday from Boston to people called secret hearts club it's been sagging ears and his bosses at people's hit some pumped up what pumped up kicks off the cosmopolitan days are great for. Jimmy Smits as ever I monitor why nobody seems show had. I mean show me. Style it's. Kind of milieu is back on that didn't work out that I can be bug. Yeah. There's nugget.