Can't Beat Booker with Christina 11-17

Friday, November 17th

Can Christina beat Booker? 


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There's your record is 823 wins in just 86 losses this morning sir Harry Byrd Cristina Cristina lives and works and around. She works at any Anne's pretzels job to be exact let's welcome our Boston's favorite day. Girl I Carlos also I'm harboring any and slew. Yeah yeah. You make the pretzels and everything. That this house yeah I well. Well Gary appreciate I'm gonna go dream about some present by sand all be coming back and this is your Don share his or at least five question shall ask you. Jim Moret Timmy went OK and American. All right Christina mr. Brad that there is out the door. The wind was in town Wednesday night playing Donald Trump to the long sinner he's currently Mary Tillman named malaria but he had a daughter Ireland with his first wife. Who was his first wife. The error her. Jordin Sparks and her now has been our pregnant with their first child weak season of American Idol did Jordan sparks win 36. Or nine. Sorry Ben Affleck is preparing scans to see his exit from the Justice League as he is known for his back in the end playing a role this. Has also left many wondering what the future holds for the Justice League franchise but still have plenty of course is not the only person just laid back and you played that DNA and that means forever in 1980 facts. Now. The Plaza Hotel in New York is holding a contest in conjunction with the 25 anniversary of home loan TO breeds winning Kevin McCallister experience group plagued Kevin McCallister. Oracle and and finally Rachel academies is 39 years old today she starred in season two of what anthology crime drama TV series on HBO can't Matthew McConaughey came isn't season line. I'm not certain angle and Americans. Oh SH. I asked. She got one ranked. It's hard to say I'm ready can't. Kelley folder in my eyes in town Wednesday night playing trumpet along synergies currently married to eliminate whole area. But he has a daughter Ireland is his first wife who is he married to who is his first wife. Can baser vesco. Jordan starts there has been our pregnant with their first child which season of American Idol does Jordan sparks went 36 and nine. George Marshall Phoenix Arizona she was the winner of season six American I don't regulate every Stalin there is lag. Jordan sparks let me just drugs or information boom boom boom boom yeah. Thank you Deb bit apps like AJ got and is preparing fans to see his exit from the Justice League and has many wondering at what the future holds for the Justice League franchise. But Dan is not the original back and many men have played him who played bad man and I mean forever in nineteen any size and that was not your original. Michael Keaton Val Kilmer yeah. Age I don't think people like god Hillman as damning and pounding on yourself so he's brought to. Well at least popular deposit or a felony charges are holding their contests in conjunction with the 25 anniversary of Cumberland Salem where you can winning Kevin McCallister experience. Who played Kevin McCallister yeah. MacCulloch oh yeah and finally racially Adams is 39 years old today I'll love her. She started season GO what they apology crime drama TV series on HBO K Matthew McConaughey came as in season one. Golf man. Bull ought to be so mad at myself inside the one based in New Orleans Woody Harrelson was also an additional if it's one I'm thinking of what is the name of that show I do not watch it tributes. Understand the law at a map we're. I see win and thank you Christina. That's that's a text saying. I'm just scene after Laura Robson I can't speak focus.