Can't Beat Booker with Christine 1-18

Thursday, January 18th

Can Christine beat Booker? 


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There's your record is 855. Wins would just 88 losses this morning's air diary for Christine Christine Elizabeth Louisville makes me does that Basel where she's a schoolteacher what's Welker Boston's favorite game. And you know on good morning. I Erie gala simply can't be Booker pop culture trivia games series in five pop culture related trivia question she's gonna ask you run out there room and then when you're down the flag and outcome and whoever gets more right wins sound good. Are good luck. I think it's all right Christine mr. Brad bunkers is out. Feed store area. Question number one and Channing kind EA welcome to little girl this week is Kim whose middle name. Is she Kimberly Noel Kimberly cast trend per Kimberly Page. I'm beginning talent Kim really capture and. ER began streaming into full on newly last weekend George Clooney played doctor what's on ER. I don't know. The commuter with Lian Neeson is in theaters right now is Lee at least in British American Irish. Jason Segal is 38 years old today and forgetting Sarah Marshall who played Sarah Marshall and out and finally Kevin Costner is 63 years old today he's been in five films that focus on what support Bob Merritt will bring him back him. Look there. Today for. She got to let rates soon to write. I think I can be that's okay you ready to do it. Giving tiny welcome and ate a little girl all this week drew. Who is what is cam his middle name is Kimberly Noel Kimberly Katherine or Kimberly Page. Haven't the slightest clue bad you know well like the sound of Kimberly Noel that a scratch and maybe is gonna hurt Latin. She ER began streaming and full and Hulu last weekend's if you don't want to from beginning to end and you have a Hulu subscription and you go for it George Clooney played what doctor Arnie are a doctorate Connie no we didn't come. But does verge at. Who think I'm no idea doctor Doug Ross. Not sure I would guess that do with multiple choice out of this too hot to be a dog Dell got her boss's name yeah I. Our hearts content troops should he share AA is for George Clooney lookalike big commuter with. Lee Anthony's saying is in theaters is alien Neeson British American our Irish Irish serious drag. Didn't see Ellis thirty years old today he of course was in forgetting Sarah Marshall who played Sarah Marshall. I forgot. And Mila Kunis incur. Place air Marshal Kristen Bell Kristen Bell I have seen I forgot and finally Kevin Costner 63 years old today is an inside films that revolve around what sport baseball. Any gas chasing jeans she got billed Jeremy got guild and dreams for the love of the game and upset and angered. Do loves baseball media Manila we love Kevin Costner and baseball films basically was we also end no he was not nevermind no harm I don't there was not a money ball I know he was nine. Well Christine thank you so much from play appreciate it. Heating and you can. Did you have teamed Brooklyn Paramount and it can't be the spark. Did you.