Can't Beat Booker with Frances 8-7

Tuesday, August 7th

Can Frances beat Booker? 

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Our record is 986. Wins and just not 87 losses this morning and Jared for Francis Francis as a student at UT lives in north campus as well work to austen's favorite game. Diet yeah. And my kind of like KB Booker share drink five pop culture trivia questions whenever you're due and I will come in. It's it's in five's Q Mora to win can. Cat chairs computers now working to she's old school right now and now everything's on eight. Well I found myself the questions yesterday but then my phone is so smiles that descended a cigarette a mile down a piece of pity her hitting me he can't remarked your phone. Well. I. That are right France's minister for added Booker is out the door. Question number one David to come meet its 58 years old today. Cause I she dated what character. On sex in the city. On the show he was on the show and it kept a low again partnering can't rational. Robert Redford is retiring. From acting he started what film festival. Lula I don't know. Charlize Theron is 43 years old today. She is the face of what perfume. Her name. Sure at least Arum. What I had no idea it. Last night was the fourteenth season. Of the bachelor acts. The big finale. Beckett found. Is the house of the bachelorette. Pick something I can't get his thoughts. And finally Britney occurred CNN came crashing gotten a huge fight on Sunday and it was the fifteenth season premiere of the Kardashian eons. But big fall out of their Christmas card big huge party called the family disgusting. The girls used to on what clothing store. Own acts it will bring back. I. To tell us what. As it has difference and he is on don't. Legal process. President elect David Duchovny is 58 years old today when he it'll. Let's roll and he's been off for manic I'll I'll be since like X-Files back and and hipster. When he is on sex in the city his character dated what character. You have no idea. I don't know. Make gas. Christian. That Burnett and I'll. Apple now. Kristin Davis yeah Charlotte Charlotte and no he did carry. I should acknowledge that they everybody did care they are high school lovers and didn't she random and realized that he was actually in. Institution you know institutionalized. I really don't remember him being on it was administered lived as a couple episodes of ray's story arc and his dad Robert Redford is retired from acting all he's. Still get. Sorry Sarah loves old men and by the way and hey if you're eighty plus she's got a really good shot it's yeah of the board yeah he started what film festival a. Sending that is correct Shelley Sarah and his 43 years old today she is the face of what Turkey and. And you like your basic commercials is I'm again without pay attention because a worker for him. Dealer. Yes. Fourteenth season of the bachelor in that last night was that defining love who is the host of that show. Chris shares as correct and highly birdied yard dash EN and can pretty ash can cart dashing editing huge fight on sending aid over the Christmas card. Courtney called the fealty to Scott stating it was just whole world of art its August well they had to take the Christmas card now he announces it has to be airbrushed to perfected. They have to bring to nine copies take interest is damaged now. You have to take a former special grizzly challenge held what is an argument for days before. And all okay. Those shots and I ask. I'm not a guard actions not the Kardashian and by the way the girls used on clothing store what was that name dash that is correct. Me SS side and I am barely ground ahead of us are you know who David accompanied. Dated on two episodes 68 I think it questions that he you know he was on the show that's I learned something today. Back cot I think is just not being. Well I don't claim to know everything I. Well we have an excuse for the things you know I don't know it's very little I should know that because not everybody knows that well listen I got to practice what I preach because my sense that something immediately Dale's agree particularly now that he goes I know everything. Because I'm for Blake now you don't know everything I'm a nobody knows everything so if it nobody knows everything that means I don't know everything. The mechanics and if he can't. That you really do know everything there is it high. Well sorry I've beach Air France by appreciate your client. OK I named friends concerns aren't dog and I can't keep that's. See Carrey I now.