Can't Beat Booker with Jamie 6-7

Thursday, June 7th

Can Jamie beat Booker?

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Its characters and I. 946. Wins in just not 85 losses this morning Sarah -- Jeanine -- lives and Steiner ranch she works all over Austin because she's in pharmaceutical sales let's welcome our Austin's favorite game. Adding. Mara. I hear real wonderfully kiddy book church or pop culture trivia game show breezy surgery and five questions. She's gonna ask you on out there Obama could be able to hear anything and I don't know what the questions are whenever your done all come and give my answers. If you get more right your way and the clock. All right Jamie mr. Brad Baker. Is now looks decent shore. Harry he really is three years old today her real name is what destiny hope I am distaste Emilia are now at least. Natalie Christmas celebrated a birthday today what is the name of his iconic recordings complex in Minnesota. Actually attack the short Lian Neeson is 66 years old he plays Bryan mills and what trilogy. Yeah soliciting reunion is happening this week in Austin, Texas who played felicity. Oh earned. Somebody has named Lee as their real names and I'm telling your girl from the cockpit. It takes and finally the documentary won't she be my neighbor opens up on Friday nationally this isn't about. Meant Iraq here very bring him back in the book fair. And I she got us you re. Or. I. May be difficult summer for your gap. Questionable lending is alias twenty years old today what is her actual name destiny hope image this Camellia her Natalie yeah. I think remember her. Name being amateurs this Camellia that's the one yes or destiny hope is Miley Cyrus I'm Natalie eat. Rehearsal lagging is. Natalie Portman kind. Interest in. Prince celebrating a birthday today and yes he would of recipes and sorry doctor realizing you what is the name and differences reporting complex in Minnesota obviously part of that is correct me is 66 years old today he plays Bryan mills and what trilogy again yeah. Desolate city reunion is happening this weekend in Austin, Texas complete soliciting. Carrier Russell. Henley documentary won't she be my neighbor opens up Friday who is it about. Brett Rogers who is also known as mr. Rogers that's a just like you're also known as ms. Osborn. Yeah I did you can never say mr. Wright issue to restate that the opposite way he's. Fred Rogers yeah I love thank you very much for playing Jamie sorry about that will be a perfect score sure got fired because I've got a five time power explore. It. I mean I guess I can be tore.