Can't Beat Booker with Jenna 11-21

Tuesday, November 21st

Can Jenna beat Booker? 


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There's your record is 826. Wins in just 86 losses this morning necessary for jet I'd generally isn't George sound makes her way of the arboretum where she's a sales coordinator what's what went Austin's favorite game. Hey trying to play can't be Booker real similar play Sarah has written five pop culture trivia question she's good man. Askew I'm relieved their rooms are all be able to hear anything and I don't know what they are when you're done at the flag down from any into the same five we just need more right to win. Yeah. He. Our legitimacy grad Booker is out the door. Question number one cocoa is out this week the concept of the C animate it film is based off what Mexican holiday look at. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is this week at. And we see these aliens who was featured a first. Back in the day in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Was it may key Felix the cat or Pinocchio. Which one came first they all came ears. Do you feel that thousand. Kind of familiar when it went on television. Okay Britney Spears piece of meat biggest show is to close at the end of the year and as a couple of weeks ago it sold 881000. Tickets over the past four years what entourage actor maiden appearance and Britney Spears is video you drive me crazy. It's a Maine I would like you've broke it was not Jerry hit it. Or S. Yeah you got it and then unleash a lot of body that it past half I think that's part of my life you know I hate you know what OK and then when I went elsewhere later. Yes but it's Demi Lovato and the response he just came out with a new Latin hit dimming daughter start I'm Bernie and friends at his best known on the Disney T and offer her movie starring the Jonas Brothers camp rock what and Jonas brother did did meet and date in 2010. And finally G easy high speed has let teams know that she will not be in the 2017. Victoria's Secret fashion show and she's done. GC is the daughter of your allotted hour Heidi your lie is a housewife on which real housewife show. And eat and we'll be back in that I didn't look at it. Yet again rugged she's 87 actress she should have got out of five and this got four out of five but she had it Alex. Oh. I'm real scare you should be or. And it was can't afford to have but I have to give her for question number one cocoa is out this week that concept of this animated film is based off what Mexican holiday and. Duels and to thank you say the English version did the day yes. Yeah where Dallas is the immortal mailed to us yes more adults. The Adam where else BC thinks giving Dave trade also is this week we should symbol lands them and ask him mention. Were featured firsts and make key. Felix the cat and our Pinocchio Allred debuted in separate ears which one was debuted first rule the. The choice is Mickey Mouse buttons for what reason. I feel Felix the cat is the correct answer bit. And I remember seeing something about illness can last your Felix academy to his return down and he was in a group there were other balloons danger you wouldn't be here he was debuted dot of those three he was the first our very first year that they had balloons Felix the cat was one of the characters. Debuted Britney Spears piece of meat biggest show is to close at the end of the year and as a a couple of weeks ago it had sold 881000. Tickets if you haven't seen it I am telling you it's awesome. What entourage actor made an appearance in Britney Spears and video you drive me crazy Jerry Kevin. She can't OK she said it was the main guy and he went by since she just couldn't remember his name but it's age lingering ankle. Bill and got mad at and. Jimmy Lovato and released on C just came out with a new Latin hit dimming got her start on Bernie and friends and is best known for her Disney movie the Jonas Brothers can't Brock. Which Jonas brother did Jimmy date back in 2000 intends Joseph Jonas yeah. Finally GG IDD has letter fans know she is not going to be in the 2017. Be Victoria's Secret fashion show and she's super bombed. Gigi is the daughter of Elon Heidi gill Hyundai is a housewife on which real housewives of Beverly Hills or I yelled ties. We didn't beat me by. He did ties he gets a prize kick. Little they cannot add the freight current senator thank you so much for playing. And you thought our. Not a pretty short. Walk us.