Can't Beat Booker with Josh 7-19

Thursday, July 19th

Can Josh beat Booker?

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I 171 wins in just 96 losses this morning Sarah irony for Josh Josh lives in beat up makes. He beat Oak Hill where the GM it's on it. Let's welcome to Austin's favorite game. I should put them guys there man. And you're ready to play hard here we go this can't be booked John and Sarah Catherine Osborn. Has written five pop culture trivia questions. She's gonna ask you on out of the room. She and Alex circular route you want their only hope that life is that usually. Beat means are wishing the best of luck okay it's difficult in other life. Under the heat lamps of pressures. Tonight Josh mr. Ratzenberger is. How to speak. Chris neverland turn Cadillac team is 36 years old today yeah. Is best known for his early seem Winchester and what show. Oh man I don't know. Jacqui. Get a date comer batches 42 years old today keep please what's character. In the marvel cinematic universe. Doctor Strange. So there's a list out thirteen sets and actors who had to play best friends and screen but cheated each other in a real life allegedly three. Out of four of these characters hated each other. They are from what TV show. Susan Mayer Linux guy about breathing in camp in gas every else Elise. Baghdad they're out blood. Some undecided she you rank. A director's films from worst to best in the top three or the prince has bragged this is Spinal Tap and when Harry met Sally. Although some surge or activate what director Steven Spielberg Robert Brenner Ron Howard. Our rock art and if finally Edie character and that woman will officially be introduced in December is credited CWZ annual DC series crossover event. It revolves around a woman you armed with a passion for social justice and a player for speaking her mind soars into the streets and is a lesbian. Is that woman's real name. Danny and a prince. Carol seizing Jane Dan Harris works heat keen. Here. Are able Merrimack and tired. He got to rape true. Right are exterior though right now I had takes pressure off sick. Jerry panel like he's 36 years old today he is best known for his role as CM Winchester and what show. That share has. And fascination Richard Alec you by the weighs in on us tonight and we've talked for years and years about trying to get him on the show yet he is a still never heard joined us but I know everything there is an all out him now because if you about it is supernatural beliefs and show her I can't. And here's the thing. You know it shows an offer a long time he's a very popular celebrity not lazy are costing every chilled and we should celebrate no Jerry I hate digital picture of the bunker and I. I was pattern of bad that he was supposed to be out but I didn't see him I thought it was amber wasn't. Alex saw him and Dave Matthews and simulate legalize. Yeah yeah yeah apparently I don't I thought it was the wrong guy does indeed Hudson's brother yes. Cells that Gibson's brother. David dollar heads an eye out and comer that she is forty years old today. Please what scared scared character in the marvel cinematic universe. Oh man this character is also important injures and or really anymore. Just got this. Benedict come back and shouldn't be and if your Spaniard number bitch and and wants to really. Why does it won't make a lot how it's. How much an all out superhero yeah. Let me say it might go back up answered my guide was going to be flash no doctors Doctor Strange I did you. Ask this question of war and ignite an episode the third time's churn and Josh got that bad aren't. There's a list of thirteen actors who had to play best friends on screen that reportedly hated each other and real life for example. Three authorities people hate each other. They're characters you see mayor Linux gotten out three Vienna camping gap or else Elise what show I'm talking about. Just for house last October where Eva Longoria. She was ever else police. A character names out yeah. Sounds so I decided to break a director's films from worse to bass on top three or princess bride this is Spinal Tap and when Harry met Sally all those dirt directed by what director Rob Reiner Steven Spielberg are brought on Howard. Honored at a act. And if I leave to care under at that woman will officially be introduced in December spread the seed abusing old DC series cross over event. Revolves around a woman you armed with a passion for social justice and for speaking her mind soars into the streets and is a lesbian. Is that woman's real name of the day and it prints and Cheryl seizing Jane down and curse words hate to change. Keep it simple on a six K yeah. Carroll CN GD Amber's is captain marvel played by brie Larson. I'm serious in yeah. And so I arrived dad Brad Booker just works out man I worked it out it I doubt it I asked my name does not mean it can't.