Can't Beat Booker with Katie 12-11

Monday, December 11th

Can Katie beat Booker? 


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There's your record is eight under and 35 wins in just 87 losses this morning is there an average for Katie Katie lives in round rock makes me to downtown Austin where she's a speech pathologist let's welcome our dawson's favorite game. I have you guys. Gone grace racial for Monday where usually can't be Booker now shares during the five questions she's gonna ask you all amount of the room and then whenever you are done I will come in any into the same five OK sheriff said something to me that wary she has we forget how little shot at us. Little differential now. And I decided to go outside the box. Someone I don't know is a little. And this is getting either good or cool you're awfully needed to do real bad. I gave mr. Brad Baker is Al. We need door. Question number one the three. A biopic called bohemian rhapsody is coming out in the year 2018. And leads up to rock be -- appearance at the live aid concert in 1985 what the end to disarm come from rule name rat tat. Jimmy also had recently had a second heart surgery he's seeing green channel began his TV career. Is it comedic counterpart to bins dine on what game show on Comedy Central Borough. Guys I have no idea. Hello this Donny Osmond is sixty years old as of this weekend sure are all sent. Donnie one day Dancing With The Stars Arab. And finally a lifetime movie called a tale of two cores will air on January 6. It is eight dramatized look at the lives of Corey Feldman and Corey came. Which one is still alive. Are holding back edge but. OK and she got three correct three currently dance parties and less than. Three an aching ballad claimed she doesn't. Any team will be the year the Dallas are about ready to give back into the ring and what show are they on any total Davis that is a biopic called bohemian rhapsody is coming out a mere twenty team. It leaves out your rock band's appearance at the live eight concert in 1985. Bloody end and did this song comes from Freddie Mercury and cool yeah. Sun recently had his second heart surgery ABC great Kimmel did his TV career as a comedic counterpart to be in style now like game show on comedy central's Win Ben Stein's Money yeah. Here Donnie I'm saying is sixty years old as of this weekend sorry heavily get Riordan Donny Osmond to stay in Seattle so old guys are you zero like I. I waved to the Donny and Marie Osmond show isn't what titled I know we does this. And plastics your hundred per city you can find true our boss Donnie has won Dancing With The Stars I believe we have. He has since friendly a lifetime movie called tila T quarries and I can now weighing its air on January 6 and it is a dramatized look at the lives of Corey Feldman and Corey came which one is still alive that's a good question yeah I always get into gear idea until yeah. Yeah well I'm RED Cleary O plus. Probably one comes along once alive and when it sends a fast one on Sunday introduce us. Is easy didn't matter so he's an easy for you because one of the cores is here is Michael Jackson now I can't. Help them or anyone that anyone but anyway is that because you love my eyes and I. Don't know who still like Corey Feldman and Corey Ellis still I remember we have we got to see his lovely performance on The Today Show. That's dry SS UC he's the more famous did you gory Ziad at least now anyways the other was not alone should actually Arie love fast. Think he's perplexed. And I got to thank you happy birthday. It's it's.