Can't beat Booker with Kelsey 7-21

Friday, July 21st

Can Kelsey beat Booker? 


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It's your regular 744. Wins with 83 losses this morning Sarah parity for Chelsea Chelsea who lives in north Dawson makes it him into South Boston bush George your architecture firms lesson well learned Austin's favorite games. So glad to have you. Try to play a pop culture trivia game coaching in the bunker cash I'm sure you know how this works only in the room so it super straight I don't know what the questions are and as she assured Don the flag me down a companions in the same spot just you were actually impact on. All right just read that there is out this door. All right Robin Williams would have celebrated a birthday today he of course is in and night at the museum films he played what president and those movies came to you is the 26 president who spearheaded victory although the US Forest Service I cleared it up just hard it is 39 years old today remember him he was a star for in the 92000. I you're a movie called forty days and forty nights it was about a guy giving up what to relent until relations alcohol or die ten. And adult relations. So listen the worse it comes ever is out cave man is number one George just half. Act is number cheered George is on ABC in 1983 to 1984 is that about torture and George Bush or George Lucas. George Lucas. I don't know I'm born and. Chris Kirkpatrick from N'sync recently admitted that tennis former inmates hurt any group text together silly on my instinct dreams and I'm sure I'll I don't I gotta love it so instinct received its name after whose mom commented how quote in scenes they groups singing voices where kids it was them onto the youngest singer. Oh man. Justin Timberlake. Arie and finally just a seat so he is now become the new us it's streamed song of all time. With more than three point six billion plays across all the streaming platforms the previous record was held by the song baby by what artist open B. It will bring back end. Yeah. Look at it add it again at a flat and Larry yes sun damage round Robin Williams would have celebrated birthdays today yeah. Even Matthew is born in 1961 I can't do age math yeah. You would have been six key six. Sure. She of course is ignited the museum yeah it's lays out what president and those films. It's the 26 president who spearheaded decrease in the US Forest Service. No idea how McKinley now. OK I got an you know because the Roosevelt national forest attended the United States where serious and with a good line. Yeah actually studied Roosevelt's. Electable my chalk. This. Just started is 39 years old today remembers them though remember when he and high humidity enemy recalled forty days and forty nights is about a man who gave up what relent until relations alcohol or diagnose. The total relations minister. A list of the worst thing comes as out chased me as number one. Number two is George that was on ABC from 1983 to 1984 and is that starring her is that about George Foreman George Bush or George Lucas had to be George Foreman happy. That is correct. Chris your hat tricks. Remember ads and sink recently admitted that tennis former band made journey great Texans amazing. And UAN sync received its name after his mom commented on how in sync degree singing places where hate is the youngest. Just purely guess. So he's RD become the most in streamed song of all time this is for the tie for the loss. This can streamed more than four point six billion times across leading streaming platforms. The previous record was held at a song baby got stung by Larry it just to be where. 00. Sales growth back panel agree with letting out a tie yeah. Now game brilliant slid out of the. Guys talking about Joseph is so much for playing its. I'm sure both of us because he technically did not beat these show I get the win but you either drives you go to. Am hoping that. You know. Don't go big and are not that and I can't beat her.