Can't Beat Booker with Kendra 1-11

Thursday, January 11th

Can Kendra beat Booker? 


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There's your record is 850 wins in just 88 losses this morning Zardari for Kendrick Chandra lives in Granger makes it you need to tailor where she's a schoolteacher but webpart Austin's favorite game. I hey good morning good luck gee I'm only there right now Sears gonna ask you five pop culture trivia questions and when you're done. Both flagged down committing into the exact same five obviously trying to get more right than need to win. Out here. Now I guess. All right Sandra mr. Brad Berger is out the door but yeah it's. Very questionable line Kyle Richards is 49 years old today which real housewives version does she star and yeah. Last night was to debut the show called animal crackers on the CW it's a comedy special worst sports mascots prank people. It's hosted by the former dolphins quarterback who also starred in Ace Ventura. At quarterback. Take American Idol is dropping bad auditions in their she doesn't an eighteen version of the show so horrible idea. Can you imagine a world without that she'd beings audition from what now famous contestant. And a woman cake. And Cherie is obsessed with trying to catch and he is it catch it tech TO. My body in need he has his people Carrey in emergency bottled. What mast symbol has and not be used to yet as an album name plus divide our minus. And friendly family business Deere company and dripping springs opened up yesterday. The supernatural start opening date and it duct dynasty star opened a food trucks there Jeff Robertson specifically who now lives here in Austin daddy moves from what state. Her children back in the. And high and I she's going down. She gets you re. She didn't get up and do. Yeah maybe they're just a little more sustenance to get us yeah I. This number I'm Kara Richards is 49 years old today which in her real housewives version does she star and I think Kyle Richards is and Beverly Hills and. I face yeah thank you surprised I got a couple of its Austin although I never watch your show. Last night Lizzie debuted essentially animal crackers on the CW it's a comedy all my guess well that's the worst sports mascots. Ph.D. on. DN Marino that is her. I am awful. American Idol is dropping down auditions in their 2018. Version of the show. It's a horrible idea can you imagine a world without the seedings audition from what now famous contestant. William Hung in there. Children are playing poker at the Rio poker room Las Vegas, Nevada and I looked over and William Hung is sitting next to bring out my. Actually a really nice conversation he's actually pretty good poker player. And cheering and isn't Sasser is trying to catch and he has in Georgia Tech Jew and he's had his people carry an emergency bottled around them what maps symbol has that not used yet there's an album name plus divider minus. So why it is rare and not take aways and trim. Address I. And his family business and beer company injured in springs opened up yesterday and a supernatural start open big men and Doug dynasty star opened a good track there and that's Jeb Roberts and who now lives here in Austin but he moves from one state. For Louisiana's yeah well that's correct fast faster. And then thank you so much for playing and I can't let.