Can't Beat Booker with Lauren

Monday, June 18th

Can Lauren Beat Booker? 

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It's your record is 952 wins in just 95 losses this morning sir Harry per Lauren Lauren who lives in north Austin makes it you need to Wesley where she's a medical assistant let's welcome back to. Austin's favorite game. Hey how are yeah I ended up. I should look relatively can be occurring now are pop culture trivia game shares and five questioned she's gonna ask you run out of there when you're done. I will come in into the C five you just need to give more rights to me to win OK I had my catalog. Means. Wow all right Lauren mr. Brad voters is house compete door okay. Question number one and your acting world and fallen eighteen Dan is out this week who directed the very first Jurassic Park. I'm. And I know he. It and that's that's. Scooter Braun is 37 years old today he's the super manager that found Justin Bieber meets. Twelve year old Bieber on UT performing a song by a certain CEO or Justin Timberlake. After 26 years to Jerry springer show is ending series hosted web talent competition show for choose seasons replacing Regis Philbin. And regain her. Maxim released its top 100 list that you last week in addition to keyed up and it included Jay Leno stimulus but. Selena Gomez all the normal people. And all the current ASEAN Jenner girls except. One she's the oldest did they leave out. Cruel and an idealist is out there must re watchable movies he got a Christmas story. Back to the future and big in the top three spots which of those movies came out first and have. Great. For him acting. I she got one right. Man yeah. Bad SaaS GQ and I. I bet she answered the most adorable way possible mr. Number one Jurassic world falling kingdom is out this week who directed the very first stressing hired Steven Spielberg. I brought his 37 years old digs. Of course is this super manager that found Justin Bieber. When he was just twelve years old I'm YouTube he was performing what song this young guy basher and neo are Justin Timberlake. I sure this. I'm sure later wanted to eat. And work wins while not Justin Bieber did. Flew to Atlanta other I should sign him to the record label okay scooter in the first video. He's adjusted performance in the video while Halloween now the first video some reform has ever so did usher video TO. No but yeah I'm Wikipedia it says that senator Bradley. Or else. I'm sure it was a big fan about surely that's flew to Atlanta and they met with a usher and rushers on an island Def jam exempt. The fact that they were so. Alison my question I say it's a crime. Super manager. First noticed Justin Bieber when he saw that video of a twelve year old boy you work. Go and see what. On if Justin Bieber had usher videos on YouTube I'm sure he did and that's not the question what I. How is not how can I ask targeting I Florida eight and I. After 26 years to Jerry springer show is Indy it. Jerry Springer has it went talent competition show on burden to seize it America's Got Talent replacing Regis yes. Max M released its top 100 list last week in addition to kidnapped in ahead she allegedly Lovato Selena Gomez you know all the normal people. And all the Kardashian Jenner girls except the oldest one. Good lately about oh who is the oldest. This yeah slowly the oldest. We're scored in the old list. Neat card actually that is. Bail her out our. And it hurts nightly list is that the mystery watchable movies. You got a Christmas story back to the future in big in the top three which of those came. Ers. That's your question is I think your all from the dvds and down. I mean one would think a Christmas story came out first and that's the meat that's the first leg. Guy and did okay so big batch of the future those are both the eighty's yeah. Which of those came on the verge of bigotry. Question. And low and I limps into shape did from Tom Hanks came up first never yeah. Incursions or 1983 bigs came out in 1988. Out now feature split down the middle 8680. I. 0850 OK wow. Hand. Out until Christmas. Should the government got out there you go Lauren quote when I get 33 out of five here. You got three you know prelate for kids I'm sure scooter Shaw usher videos that. Up first video he's I don't know does start again yeah. Thank you so much for playing. Scene is still lag I'm learning and are now. I can't teach them.