Can't Beat Booker with Liz 6-21

Thursday, June 21st

Can Liz beat Booker? 

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Your record is 955. Wins which is 95 losses this morning Sarah Larry Bird Liz Liz Elizabeth went venture makes me Dawson where she works as an executive assistant let's welcome our Austin's favorite game. The. Hey we're gonna play kiddy book right now Sherri has ever written five pop culture trivia question she's gonna. Ask you while I'm out of the room in when you're done now commanding it's the same five. Easy to get more right to beat me OK. And I. All right Lou is mr. Bradford appears it is out she's being built. One Oprah Winfrey is the 494. Is that richest person in the world. But their richest woman is Alice welcomes her family owns what store. Hoping there is a lot of annoying stuff happening in the world these days and friend Dresser apparently thinks we can tolerate mortgage issues threatening to bring back her. TV show us weekly TV show with her annoying laugh and speaking out. Road amp Megyn trainers new album is coming out August 31 it's called treat myself. According to Megan hit song she is all about that Lloyd. It no. There is a list of Disney's saddest songs. And it includes on certain Toy Story and baby mind from what animated movie about to be alive action movie. 89 don't you cry baby my dryer eyes rest your head close to my heart never to part PDF nine. And I am ESPN the magazine releases its body issue next week. And they announced the line snapped this week Olympic Medal winner Adam reply and is gonna be in it he's still a good what's word is he and I don't really are it'll bring back the book. And she gets you rate rise spicy guess every single and quickly yeah. I appreciate that an eight question number like Oprah Winfrey is up 490. Fourth richest person in the world that the rich is the one hand is Alice Walton heard mainly on what store and Alice wolf tales. Of the Wal-Mart fame. My belief choosing forward Texans. She's an Arkansas and she went to Trinity University outages in seen in town answered and it slows aging San. Guide and and forward but she was born in Newport Arkansas. Israel is home of the Wal-Mart world headquarters where's that Arkansas is it yeah. Nice bears a lot of stuff did you hear me I said it's an art. There's a lot of knowing stuff happening in the world these days infringe pressure apparently thinks we can tolerate mortgages she's threatening to bring back her TV show where she had a very annoying classless show my speech she got Manny. And make it traders you album is coming out August 31 fiscal treat myself according to make it hit song she is all about that place. They're listed Disney status on the city it includes songs from Toy Story can. And in 89 from what animate it may be about to be a live action movie. 89 don't you cry baby nice try your eyes rest your head close to my heart never departed and leave the one. I don't know creating. Just a matter besides. Systems and so high and gat gigs and they get a about it. I am EST in the magazine release is its body issue next week and they announced the lineup this week Olympic Medal winner at Cameron Todd is gonna be and what's important is here pardon. Ice and so while skating or dancing and I skiing this big yeah yeah. You can elect good and like you get a look a and he made that is up four out of five mr. Bradley Booker atlas think he's charged plans. I think I let her play.