Can't Beat Booker with Madison

Tuesday, August 1st

Can Madison beat Booker. 


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Its director is 752. Wins in just 83 losses this morning sir Harry for Madison Madison Elisa said Lawson makes it can be you'd have far less awesome to worsen patient coordinator. Let's well mart Austin's favorite game. And it took. Hey Eric how good luck you're ready to our words like Jamie Booker is our pop culture trivia game shares got five questions she is written chino is gonna reissue on loan out of the room and then when you are done at the flag me down a committee actually judging by just keep more RegToy okay. And yeah. I. All right mr. red knickers out the door. Question number one Coolio is 64 years old today. Finished the lyric she spending most our lives living in I. In TV is bringing back TRL and they're changing the name of Indian mainly me into the gender neutral name in person. The first person to win no one should be and DJ contest back in the day can I thought they were a homeless person. Jesse camp. Damien Fahey heard Hillary Burton Jack out. Dunkirk was the number one movie over the weekend making 28 point one million bucks Tom hardy is and that film. But he is also known for playing what creepy character in the Dark Knight raises. Eerie and weird voice. No plan. It's not the joking about it a while I can finger at age. Believe it or not some people it seemed that the massive success of Paris Hilton's music careers because she's yourself not because of her real god given talent that was in the history today anyway. What the name of her feet miss chill while that lived with her for fourteen years but has since passed away that she used to take everywhere mini. Arial for Tinker Bell. And finally either series premiere at CS sixteen. Is on MTV last night and it's a reality show like the hills but it's set in Florida. The hills with set in what state. And Harry will bring him back into. Look our. How are tearing. Coolio is Dixie where you know today there's a clear. It keeps spinning costar as living in. Gangsters paradise yeah. CB extreme act here Al and they're changing the name it'd be maimed in me into the gender neutral name person. It was the first DJ to win a wanna be and Vijay access can I that there are homeless present Jesse can't. Damien Fahey and it's very Hillary Burton. Just because you looked over here I did not and yeah. I want to share stories and say Iraq. Anyway it was hard at Dobson dunk her for the number one movie over the weekend in May 28 point one million bucks Tom hardy is in the film but he's also known for playing what character and the Dark Knight raises real creepy character with a weird voice. Being that his her. Believe it or not some people seem that the massive success of your soul music careers because she is here is still not because of her god given talent that was news story today while. I yeah. Already yeah. Yeah keep what is the name the first famous Shalala that she took everywhere since died a dinner together for fourteen years mini aerial or Tinker Bell. An hour. And finally this series premiere siesta key was less that on MTV it's a reality chilly day hills but it set in Florida yeah. The hills is that what state California district for I don't. Snacks. Madison we learned today that jab there's still a successful because she's just Paris Hilton. I thank you for playing Madison. Thank you go to. I didn't imagine herself up I cannot leave good.