Can't Beat Booker with Maria 7-28

Friday, July 28th

Can Maria beat Booker?


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It's her record is 749. Wins with just 83 losses this morning Sarah married for Maria Maria lives in central Austin Mason community Jim Miller where she's a bartender at no mad let's welcome our dawson's favorite game. Garrett go we got actually Europe this surely your version you. I don't ordinary. So Sherry Israel's five questions and and as soon as you are done answering them I'm gonna come back in from outside the studio to make it fair I don't know what questions are and I'm not going to be able to hear anything so good luck she Amelie right now. You went down. And now that I that he probably won't affect pop and didn't give it your best primaries after. Sales employees 27 years old today in his hit song crank that you throw what superhero of tennis. What you for your opponent as key for me. Elizabeth Berkeley is 45 years old today in saved by the bell Jesse Stan I was so stressed to balancing school work with her band hot Sunday. That she took what kind of pills. After all week. On PBS show finding your roots bleary David found out that he's actually related so the political person he Percy made it on Saturday Night Live last season and who is that person. My brain cancers. Coldplay has cast Madonna as a claim the number five highest grossing tour of all time who has the highest. Grossing tour of all time. Is it Rolling Stone this a bigger bang tour Garth Brooks the Garth perks world's war mature sheer woods in sync no strings attached or UT's 360 tour. Man. He and I wanted data released it's. And I leave there's a rumor out there that sun space serve my idea on Dancing With The Stars are really Dancing With The Stars once Sean Spicer. Who won Dancing With The Stars last season Nile DiMarco over side Jennings or Lori Hernandez. I don't know I'm just saying earlier this flurry hurt him. All right we'll bring him back in our but our act. And get Tim ray are. Aren't those employees 27 years old today and his hit song strange bad do you throw what superhero because clearly you had no idea what they're freeze means. But it is Superman that's great and oh absolutely none had this conversation with you on the radio and I am a. Elizabeth Berkeley is 45 years old today and saved by the bell Jesse stand now because of the stress of balancing school work with her band hot Sunday. Took what kind of pill caffeine pills tracks. Bush your line. Yeah. And act as their for her man's saying okay shoulder to cry head. On the PBS show finding your routes Larry David and that he's actually related to the political person he impersonate in on Saturday Night Live last season that he impersonate him. Bernie Sanders are all related actually perform you know you can somehow SL LK IR. RTC enter our. I related yeah. Yeah elkington had a mini rides and call plays and pass Madonna had to claim the number five highest grossing tour of all time who have been number one encouraging tour of all time Rolling Stones. A bigger bang tour. Garth Brooks vigorous Brooks a world tour with Trisha Yearwood and thinking no strings attached. Where UT's 360 tour of course ever this list like fifteen times and I'm still like him that's due to do pretty well it's got to be Rolling Stones Hashemi. Six UU yeah. And it finally dancing in a series might be trying to land sounds fair. I think I should acknowledge my gut on YouTube. Should I gotta you've got it all right well thanks so much of player Maria. No problems yeah this is Maria turned back to Austin and I can't even come close to. Israelis don't know. You can't get through some tough.