Can't Beat Booker with Megan 9-20

Wednesday, September 20th

Can Megan beat Booker?


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Six are gonna 723 wins which is 84 losses this morning Zardari for Megan Megan lives in round rock makes the commute to Steiner ranch for she's a schoolteacher but twelve hour Boston's favorite games. Bad. Our I may get more ready for you we're gonna play Jamie Booker right now shares were in five questions she and Alex. Gonna cheer you on the shares sleep they're hoping that you beam me. I'll leave early so I can't hear any thing and and committing it's the same five questions you're asked. Where it's more wins. Let's get a rematch. Hello is it appears old siege. And I and I grabbed a school season is do well not I've confidence all right thank you mr. Brad Booker is Al. The door in my. Question number one today it is this season finale of senator Al watching it IO USA. Justin Timberlake wife is the star of the show what is her name. Deputy are. Racial bill's senate heating Christiansen have broken up after almost ten years together Kate in his best known for playing Darth Vader. Also known by his first name why to what is start to beaters birth name. And it didn't Arthur. It's Saturday Night Live bringing back David as the puck ends please do here is this Samir key amazing character than win viral last year. What actor. As in actor close to. I don't bash. And. An Arab oil and Mario Lopez almost got into a fight after he accidentally bumped to guy at the jam. Mario Lopez hosted what reality talent program. The first sees it he did it with a card dash CN and then he took on the responsibility. Known. Adam. They look like it. It is so anybody in the end. OK and finally Phillip Phillips is 27 years old today true or false. Phillip Phillips one American Idol. Hand him. Well it will bring him back and but and. And yeah. L. She got to you re off. To. Senators that are. Great she did so well to be getting an I was leg down mag dad since he's gonna get him all right than she did Eric's question. The first season and it finale a sinner. This tonight and USA had edged last this or that weekend. So bad that Justin Timberlake slices the star of the show yeah what is her name just to be a drag. Feel pretty confident she's going to be here for us one with that adjustment and. We're out why he's a car what would tell me what how to you know plus these huge event Hough. And she's a we bring winds still heated go to it in the heated go to the Emmys with ham but she can also have no interest in Carissa neither and she's seen him perform all time to Errol they are very separate lives I don't agree with this they don't do things together baby Jessie just until the boys and much race. This is a thing this is a day or you bring your wives and they're gonna bring like another celebrity couple where them everything she's going to be here for apps want until you and telling. All right well you find her for me out fine little angry yeah I've. Rachel Nelson and hitting Chris Christiansen have broken up after almost ten years together. Hayden is best known for playing darts and beer skater who also is known by his birth name of what to. I and it can skywalker and that is correct. It's Saturday night I'd bring it back David S puck against Li oh gosh Schuerholz leaves who places a marriage amazing character and it went viral last year. It was an actor yards passing. I've never heard such thing now. Pop culture really can't it's Tom Hanks he played David just hugged it out and see LSU Italy and Ireland. Us again did you see it Alex. I remember Sarah talking about that wants us and I'll tell you go out but it went viral I now you go. I'd say I remember though that yeah I have a class football games I like enjoy guys who wants young and thirtieth may be added today and a nap and the last one realized USC Texas game last very long. Mario Lopez almost gotten a site after he accidentally bumped to guy at the gym. Mario Lopez who posted what reality talent program the first season and he did it with the Kardashian in a nanny took on the job alone that's well go to the jokes and only getting fights. There always will X-Factor that is Greg did finally Philip Phillips is 27 years old today true or false he won American Idol. You. Coming home I think you did when American Idol beneath my team book are yes and was not a questionnaires they he did yeah. Break that is Fuller and I know that's good kids are you did very well thank you may get you beaten Magid. For many in the doubles from points Megyn thank you so much for playing him. It's tough on the run I NN I now. W did send a ranch so teaching. Think you know this my name's Megan around out and I can't even. Had ordered.