Can't Beat Booker with Meghan 3-13

Wednesday, March 14th

Can Meghan beat Booker? 


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There's your record is 891 wins in just 89. Losses this morning and they're hiring for Megan Megan lives in north Austin makes it can be into central awesome. Of course you're sure jewelry company that's what we're Austin's beaver game. And guy. Hey good morning girl here we out shot at placating Booker to share his dream five questions she's gonna ask you while I'm out of the room she you know it's gonna reach out whenever you're gonna come any into the same five skew more right to win okay. Exhibit. Old man you're that type yeah I may use this Brett bowyer is Al Liddy dole. Car if you have. Question number one the longhorns may be NCAA tournament. They're gonna play Nevada on Friday in Nashville the tournament is also called the big shuffle the big dance for the big dribbles. Dan the Brady Steven Spielberg movie that has a lot of buzz is called ready player won it premiered in Austin on Sunday in Steven Spielberg with here in Aussie and it is out in theaters march 29. Which of the following is not a film directed by Steven Spielberg Forrest Gump. GI is Saving Private Ryan. God. Mir tonight on premier at Sunday with minority lead cranky teary. The last surrounded judges on American Idol included Jennifer Lopez. Gary Connick junior and what country singer Chris Brown this is a fun list five years ago the number one song was the Harlow. Ten years ago is eleven this club by usher in fifteen years ago it was index club by what artist. It and it finally Joey Lawrence and his YE filed for bankruptcy. During heavy debt have about 8000 dollars in the bank. Jolie starred in what TV show where she's catch phrase was whoa. Well out it will bring an end of the. Anybody hey hey hey she got to raid the just US TL yeah when you're on the spot magazine are getting cancer quite. Ready for. Question number one for the longhorns made NCAA tournament they're gonna play Nevada on Friday in Nashville Nevada Nevada and sorry that's a guy easily and then may end that's the only reason why do you do little day here's an even sign of that mid term limited is also called the big shuffle the big dribble or the big dance. The big dance yes. Aggies play on Friday to understand shout out debris news Steven Spielberg navy has a lot of does it's called ready player won it premiered in Austin Sunday and Steven Spielberg was here it's out in theaters march 29 which of the following is not directed by Steven. Forrest Gump jobs are saving prayer and. Who this is a good question shared equally or to show yeah so Forrest Gump. Okay yeah. I'm chairman emerged Josh is she thinking or Steven Spielberg but I think it's I think both. Josh and didn't Saving Private Ryan where she even Spielberg's idea Forrest Gump is not used field. Dragged he was a producer on it but it is acting zemeckis the directed that film Roberts and Mac Robert Zemeckis did and steals we get Steven Spielberg film does it. In the heart of this Tom Hanks. American Idol premiered Sunday with Lionel Ritchie live branding Katy Perry the last round of judges included Jennifer Lopez Gary Connick junior and what country singer who. Brian great luster on the judge's okay. Certain Keith Urban had extract. The same things. I was only half paying attention you serve so this is fine by years ago the number one song with the Harlem shaken by hour and that's the one everybody did that. Do you steal I need to you yeah yeah ten years ago it was love in this club from usher in big teen years ago it was ended club but what artist. And he says yeah I. Joey Lawrence and his wife had to file for bankruptcy and earns huge debt they sold all their clothes to buffalo exchange and made over 4000 dollars while. Now they sold purses and wallets on eBay enabling 400 dollar and they have a 130 she thousand dollars in credit card day 80000 dollars in back taxes 32000 dollars in unpaid loans and nearly. Well 100000. Dollars per owned automobiles and 54000. Dollars in unpaid rent I. All yeah and that's really said it how awful is it didn't. Every one knows a ride yeah. Yeah they work they do like 500000 dollars a month and based off like TV shows she's in now they're down to 6000 dollars a month which is still like in my opinion like. We were down. So she starred in my TV show where his catch phrase was a blow them. We always have glossy but he's blossomed. Or. I'm fat meal plus a remake Manhattan complete the kind of sports guy isn't normal voter yeah. Her well thank you so much make from playing appreciate. And yeah. And it didn't know I I can't because.