Can't Beat Booker with Scott 7-11

Wednesday, July 11th

Can Scott beat Booker? 

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Mr. Reagan is now. 867. Wins in just 96 losses this morning concern reaper Scott. Scotland's essential Austin makes sticky mucus out awesome way it works as a case manager let's welcome in Austin's favorite game. Very and hey what's up man we're really can't be Booker share asked five questions she's gonna ask you. I'm leaving the room right now so I'll be able to hear anything that goes down whenever your done all commanding into the scene five just give more rights when a guy and I are here. I. Thank you. I'm Scott Mr. President here it is out some. The door questionable one Alessio car is 22 years old today finishing the lire to her songs burst your beautiful. No scars tear beautiful yeah we are stars. And where was. Roy yeah. Police set Rana is just 55 years old today for some reason I thought she was much older. In 2014. She joined the main cast of Brothers hit reality TV series the real housewives. Book. Skyscraper is out Friday starring the rock. And net Campbell basically there's a disaster on top of the skyscraper and the rockettes kicked her save people rod doesn't Adelaide yeah. He doesn't have a latest guys energy I don't know he's missed one from army growth I'll really process it all. Amy still classes skyscraper some accidents. That's what makes it's easy to any waves that rocket never Campbell. Men starting what in 1996. American slasher film directed by Wes Craven. Scream. Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Karl sin is taking heat for accede what part of the Miss America competition. The beach scene. Reclusive. And if I leave seven eleven's at a 7-Eleven at three slip B day is ten today. How many ounces is a big goal is it 2432. Or 44 ounces. According poor Harry will bring him book. And I. Get two great great closeness. Tenet tested it and I don't know if anybody had a hard time to act that's already Valencia car is when he hears those days. And is the leader George songs scars here beautiful no. The worst lyrics especially that's on these guys' team you give them. Do you want to hear it very I'm gonna just ask I'll pass I have no idea a day ago I had it was going to be NASCAR's your beautiful per pupil. Where stars. In word beautiful this is beautiful and people nobody guessed it can. Question number Chile's Serena is only 55 years old today for some reasoning that she was in her ninety's were not even kidding her lips are Tony Taylor. Journalists are so weird. So yeah. Here it is a day early again in 2014. She joined the main cast Brothers hit reality TV series the real housewives I. Have no idea but I'm guessing Beverly Hills. Hey I needed Beverley hill earlier you don't run as well. She's an actress and she lives in Los Angeles I'm guessing Beverly Hills but there's Orange County yeah. Oh yeah that's right Dan actually Beverly hill. Skyscrapers those lips. That we. Skyscrapers out Friday starring the rock and never Campbell yeah. So basically the rockettes to get into the seed this building in the world because it's on fire any Esther rescue is being played it. Which of course is trapped in the building above the fire lines don't don't Don should never Campbell is enlightening 86 American slasher films directed by Wes Craven. And scream. Yeah. Assisting in the week. Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson is taking heat for acts the winds from Miss America. On the way Baxter and it really. Yeah. Do you guys should your competition is alliger look at boys track yeah I backed by the way ahead in third. Really upset with her for removing it you know Gretchen Carlson Maine yeah. Well everybody's upset win. Everybody all urge people involved would -- miss whatever competition is coming back telling you mark my words this is just stir the pot just on its common back your words read to bring back the swimsuits. I at least seven eleven's and 7-Eleven three slip B day is today. How many ounces is a big goal. This morning board thirty G reporting born. Sure she gets this because my money she can giggled some old load time. I'm not a 100% positive. Yeah I am honored to show positive it's 32 ounces of you and then I'm 44 ounces is super big goal right there. ECU growing retail. I did not answer 44 but 44 is the super big and 53 is the extreme big gold. I've worked in the double gold and 128 his team goal but no 128 error really had a season. It's got thank you aren't cars there's cause there's and I can't beat the.