Can't Beat Booker with Taryn 9-22

Thursday, September 21st

Can Taryn beat Booker?


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It's dragon has 784. Wins which is 84 losses morning Sierra converts parents Aron lives and you have to make seek immediate arboretum area where she works pretty Cheesecake Factory let's webpart dawson's favorite game. And. Some cheesecake and you know I got triple. My gosh this is along main dad just sounds to me that I thank pat I have to. Premier prize if you really can't get better at. I really great Dell's shares and ask these advisory question this euros seizure now coming into the same five or just more right you win okay. Yeah. Adios I understand mr. read that there is out the door to. Drilling is 31 years old today she is currently performer on Dancing With The Stars urgent test and I should say she's 31 yeah wow she is 21 she plays what instrument she is known for playing one instrument. Is played it's hard. Think callow. Dave Cooley day is 68 years old today on full house. He was uncle Joey and often impersonating pop and bullwinkle Ted daily CU and Elmer side. Bullwinkle is what kind of animal hater. Battle of the sexes is is a new film out Friday starring Steve Carell and Emma Stone and it's about in 1973 event between Billie Jean king and Bobby Riggs Billie Jean King played what sport. Eight top. There's a ring if birdie album coming out Friday called double duchess. Fergie got her start on white kids TV show kids incorporated Mickey Mouse club Ers star service. Ten incorporated. And finally a popular singer has created a new makeup collection called in TDD collection and women are going crazy because she yeah. Carry over and Beckett the book and yeah yes you got three great escape and get ready costly though. Lindsay sterling is 31 years old today so is currently a contestant on dancing with stars and she's known for playing one instrument that finally it yeah. It's amazing she's got a huge following Paula and she is on the board mark browser is concerned but she visited shallow what does she plays the cello also yeah. It's that she's no she's no foul play the violin. And that she doesn't play and a tell all bad. Include BA's sixty years old today and full house's uncle Joey usenet for impersonating. People like Todd Bible legal tentative cube an owner bud. Bullwinkle is what kind of animal that's moos has cracked. Analysts excuses out Friday starring Steve Carell Emma Stone it's about a 1973. Event between Billie Jean king and Bobby Riggs Billie Jean King played what sport choose tennis there. And as drags. Yeah game. Thirteen. Has a new album out Friday called double duchess Fergie got her start on what show kids and yeah. If popular singer history. Makeup collection called anti CD collection of women are going crazy because she created foundation and forty shades and there's something for every client who created and team. Ariana has yeah. Oh yeah. Guess since it incorporated that you never heard just we're. Well I mean it sounds familiar but I have no idea that it is TV show back in the day kids then. Airing her great and yet they ran his company is. I don't know it's honestly Jennifer love you I'll be bringing Murphy recipes dot salute and his camera. I have a picture in front of me as Lindy feeling playing the cello. July for. Okay my hair and let India get to see that. I have. There's the.