Did Booker's neighbor steal his package?

Monday, December 11th

It is that time of year where you have to be extra careful with packages being delivered to your house!


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I was and all of project to this weekend and a needed drill in my drill hole. A just lawsuit crap day it aided crap out. Ever is on the verge of crapping on my dad. Against lasts that. Last couple pulls the trigger that's it. China is any getting huge her own mom like well I mean if I knew that was going to be able to go to -- deep on by new trials show I how stunning Amazon. In the morning early in the morning and Ali well. I was able these same day delivery by the we were fortunate not suing get seemed to deliver to my mom was in Kansas City, Missouri that's not an option there. And I think he's just because we're so close to an Amazon distribution center there where. You have camp so I knew Hydro is coming and I and I figured OK we'll after the kids go to bed I'm gonna finish my project with the drought. Well. I get this notification say your packages have been delivered. Sir I go outside to Graham a package in there was no package. Done done done. Seem really. Lazy it's a little too and I'm very melanoma peace and shelves are you are. Zero bra and she didn't wanna drive somewhere I mean when you live very close system right to judge here. There's a Lowe's and Home Depot on Brody wind very little onslaught and break. I understand but it was a very busy hectic day I gotcha and I had the kids neither one amass all that got you as org down. I'm glad I did sort ordered and I was just waiting for coming and I ha. Sell. There was no package anywhere and I have a the security system where I can log in and any tell me or comes close the house. It all notify me and wool like take video of them start to look at seek any time any delivery person chosen by it and notified immediately such depth. Like when a guy or Amazon driver dropping Israel. And Amazon is real good about taking a picture Annapolis so whenever they say it's delivered you can log any you can see the picture sitting right there on the doorstep that did not happen. So I call Amazon like Katie said that he delivered this but it's not here and they go to this whole thing this guy didn't selling these kind of telling you this high. Show you what this all staying in a click OK you just called the date of delivery driver final with some. And in call the delivery people while I was on hold and they came back since our is nothing we can do about it. And so let's not eligible for replacement or refund until 4 PM tomorrow so I'm gonna have to call you back at 4 PM tomorrow well of course I immediately thought well there's no way this guy's gonna call 4 PM tomorrow on this oxen. And early. UCE. What addresses says it was delivered usually wanted to do due to deduce and helix and it's like yeah okay it looks like it was signed for my days. Flour sitting guys and yap about it was signed for irked by. Alex Franco died of an illegal there's no Alex Franco here clearly it was a mistake clearly they did you know delivered it to the wrong address. So I. Disagree surged. And I looked into Al Shiancoe and and found out that there is an out or amusing that they may yeah Shiancoe but I found this guy's name. And his address was very close one digit off from my address OK and it. Was even which meant that he was across the street you are larger drill that's awesome so I went down and out so here's the thing. Still I would old bird and I first looked and I saw no package on the front steps. Mike OK that's interesting on the fact that it was signed for maybe a little suspicious. I wise this guy you know signing for my packet handling or maybe is an accident. So I go out and hiring the doorbell and I say hey you know I'm Brad Booker a little cross a street not amend my neighbor yet. And I I believe day Amazon package was accidentally delivered. For me. And it was a woman and she says. Now now we have got a fat idiot. Wow and I think in. Now because it was signed for by your I'm a naturally said will she wouldn't want my husband hasn't been here for three hours our. A show like old and it happened three I would alliger but I know. Especially with all of the spin of an hour. Just what is this when you're sticking your head their doors to get around seeing the Arab Bosnian sat out jam rattling down the hallway and did. And dealers are some nothing but that doesn't mean there wasn't taken. Noon. So now Michelle go Caleb thanks we'll explosive new Sharon are you with a woman she's right they are so she's my neighbor or not we shall I don't want to cause a disruption. So I have two options via either I can go back today and see if I can get all the husband and see if maybe he took can cheat and realize. All are or they're just trying to scare me and you know they open up to brag like O'Leary and nice drill it we aren't that we just that. Or horror. I can't wait until 4 o'clock today when Amazon's post calling back and say yeah I never got it and they're just gonna Eden Ximian new one but then that might be another day or so. Just seeks the hole I wanna get at the same day in doing exactly. I mean you could mean it does it what a waste what a pain but you know what he hears a thing if this ever happened to me in the Amazon not to my door. I would of remedial attends a what I order and I wouldn't stretch and it may recognize the name I would say here mr. Amazon drivers is mind on. Hi why would someone signing for an angle it's not fair. And maybe I would give her the benefit of the doubt personally and just assume that somehow he got it and he was due to return to TO in many forgot about it he just didn't tell her about it. So that would go back today or tonight when their home from work and put on the spot again but why. What indeed taking it here I'm lead me right I don't think he did it because I would've got a pack. It's said Alex Frankel and I would have immediately gone over there it's at hand acts don't. Actually Amazon and you're down on Amazon adding gate you know you order from Amazon he's needed fast running no way he'll let the sit in your car and say August so it whenever I guess that he should of walked to immediately if it's a heated in this business person desires and got a meal at your house. By now right should have. At the same time people do get busy like you then you're having a hectic day maybe he was thinking get around title of the cross streets here I'll walk across is unaware on the swing you. What you are signature on that Amazon right did you did you pat whenever you work claiming. Responsibilities so there's no if you get busy when you sign that you make sure that package gets the right donor. No right amazing what an art when they get Amazon city thing I have hustler or Seattle porch and the living across Gary do I had an. He's out there hang in stock dividends or else. A I. The way I wanna let you know just in case you don't know this is an at a fund little lob perk of being a prime member which so many people are. Shares snob when you get their four for Christmas Alison are your. If Amazon promises to deliver on the buy certain time like for instance they promise that I would have my drill by a the 8 o'clock last night. If it does not arrive by the guaranteed to eighteen and your prime member all you have to do is call them and they well add a free month of prime on your. Now I did now that's just happen to me but I didn't do think honest I'd just call it stimulus and I didn't get one of his promise they will give you an Fremont the prime so if it happens twelve times within a year there. Get a free year of not Amazon prime value in 99 dollar Obama pharmacy already have a my boy Brad did. We go to call back to malls or presume that's what he's like hi this can be.