Do women like the "V" on a guy?

Thursday, February 16th

Alex saw that Jax from "Vanderpump Rules" had a very defined V in an instagram picture. Alex wanted to know, do girls love the "V"?


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Dallas we watching thinner pump rural states Algeria and clearly there's some guy on that show that two it looks unbelievable. Without a shirt on the other all models but there's one particular things Jackson. My gosh now he's dealing with a and they don't know. He's an a whole series or top I got a good the course is out but I said that when I like after watching Bennet by liberals I Tex Booker and Sarah the picture of this picture of Jack seanez shower and he has that. Legs he like on his below is at an area like the perfect he looks like a plastic Ken doll. Like it's just the perfect lower part of the body and and Booker was a slight Omar got I'd die to get that Sarah was a sub hauled by just disgusted by. Com he's still got in just a great legs. Their faces light up. It's just it's too much for me okay at an. I have a theory about that I'd like. A subtle vis a tunnel B is okay Lisa shuttle's latest soft to be but a lot of wind and it is so I don't know it's kind of. Crazy bunkers you are you in Ireland viscerally she's crazy. Like everything everyone would love the V but I was just flying last week on Southwest Airlines and these two ignoring us us weekly my friend was in the front cover. And one girls like oh my god that's just envious so high of one girl's league that's disgusting. And I bet you I could stereotype that I have a theory he and I don't mean this to. I'm shed any why are you I'm sure I will though. Since my fear in my theory is the women they don't like the V are the ones that are insecure with her own body now. Well I just do like the via the ones that are confident in their body all are or just like a really colored with a key you know the super rich. The women that don't like the V have their boyfriend and her husband had it that's like fat. Relevant maybe like me yes I understand why do you have loves me. Boyfriend I don't know what it looks like they gave you acts or to zero the VC Armey Dick does he have the Dearborn for patch daylight he does not have the V like this do you got Vander pound rule itself and redness because. Think I haven't beaten a hard to be happy guy from Vienna pump room. Six that's just scary thing is not to be on the. It's like being kind of pregnant word. I don't know outlook is airs on it I know it's time at the salty to solve he is likely to see the that the solid. Eat out as a college I have an idea upbeat. I rate it and beat it sure did TV in the regular read it. Finally see a little muscle definition and on my kid the biceps you know our though the what are the things in the triceps will try said definition that's nice of hot little soft be definition of good okay but the guy that goes all the way to where he's drinking the lake. You know the protein drinks in the cut down the liquid in the cards to really get a cut I'm in the gym eight hours today in his obsessed with his V free rock hard apparently is not formally art. Cuddle up to that on the couch conjured just cuddling with the rock and it shows the real little too into himself. For meat. So the strong V is what you don't like the softy is usually he had now water back out what about the monster V what's not serve me a monster really as this strong and being. A combined with the names popping out. They have little pain is not counting now gone Abby dolls I don't like baby just seizing on top of that I only eggs beans on the four arms. Boom. Now I'll ask here I want to see us I want veins in my Vieira I know I with a monster ratings go down just can't deal or no windows closed bunker and on getting the V I don't putt after a certain age you just can't have yet you're born RI and you know more than Veba you're born like really you're human skinny all your life you. Ever had to be by age 25 you're never gonna have to be could maybe start first softer B pitcher never gonna have a hard a monster beat out how I. Tried for a soft being yeah now that I did shade it once now with makeup UConn. I really good ones I've had a soft being good at like wash off after awhile docket. I was that when I was a child not a child but when I was younger IA in my step mom told me. That it's just in my DNA that I mean ever weird shaped body harm fish told. She okay. As far as your life you're just gonna have a new anybody got you so dad has been I've struggled with down my entire life and I just kind of like well. I guess at where she body because it's in my DNA so I narrow a leg always admired guys with the G I was fairly cool but as like I can't because imam DNA indelible we urge anybody. So a lot about Bucher around if your is it viewed the show did those were guys that when we see a strong movie like Jack I bent upon us and we are reared just like bro you're amazing when guys most metal hey. It because they can't get it yeah man Booker high brow gives free I I'd kiss the V. I'm I would contribute to I guess the via accuses me it's ridiculous and she's either we're talking about that. See that hey look at kids twelve interpublic got a honeymoon. Syntax. I'll still 51993. Loss to Apple's senior v.s in when you tanks and hubs to 5199 victory Hillary just said it can explode and I don't.