Flirty: Crystal likes her co-worker, but does he like her back?

Thursday, May 18th

Crystal really likes her co-worker, but doesn't want to ruin their work relationship to see if he feels the same way. We try to get the info out of him. 


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So yeah. I just gotta give flirting this is Q Kerr stole contacted us because here's a guy that she works with this she has a big crush on him so why don't you start out by telling this story and then we'll get to power going to see if he's interstate and you go ahead. Okay. First applicant totally my mortified and so scared to delist but I just I have to know because. I have the biggest connection with the guy that I work and we're both recruiters so we travel a lot. And now I call it might work husband. Edwards is always together. We got to eat together emerge traveling we got to drink together eating out. We literally talk to the sun comes up about how he inked shingle. Probable herbal tea leaves and on and. But nothing's ever happened between you joked. Nothing cap likely having canisters. Like at any extra long hard or anything by it I'm like it's our fleet financial they're on the airplane. And you can even light. Wake yup and I noticed they did it at a noted fever emperor factional but I just pretended to still be a plea that I thought I'm. He never hear you break a little taller than me at all. So that they'd really hard to do I couldn't make like really beautiful baby. Yeah. I'll I think that time and then like I'm vegetarian and you re like whatever we got eat like a restaurant that. Perfectly elaborate in the old that I can eat that I can enjoy and should I don't know I just. You look deeper connection then I'd think now even if it's scary I don't know if he feels the same way. It's perfectly does better work after journalists act act so in order to protect her anonymity and these big words you put nominee Brad Coker. Saturday keep an anonymous. Identities. In amenities. At. I. And it. We're gonna. Him and just kind of finish without mentioning her name right. OK so please don't say my name because I don't mind cute picture or video are all clear him weird like at least I see a friend you know. A visual column we said we ask you questions you ask him on the radio he agreed to do so he's been on hold now be able to hear anything he is going to be accomplished in here and a second central court you don't thinking okay. Our diet. Mark this. Age should think shook hello this short program. We had a few questions for you about you or dating life do you have any idea of anyone that may. Be attrition and going out with the. I. No blue well I'm not sure where your is where your borrowed out right now. And I dating anybody are currently. Not Donald. Is there anybody may be your day you work closely with that you kind of like to move forward where he could see dating and damaged but you just haven't like talked about it with and yet. That not. Not that I didn't not that it big you know I'm the hopelessly single. Let's think about the people around June show may be somebody that lives around you and maybe a neighbor. Most of my neighbors are elderly so that would be a no guilt. Her elderly. They're like forty something. There for an movies all of if you live like you know old retiree. Elena I markets what about some. I have worked somebody they work with that you may be thinking about may be asking now there's something that you haven't gone there yet. No I'm not let him back to bigger and I mean now. Would you be interest should end any anybody that you were quick. To be out of are now I just I don't see anyone there I would be interested in dating to look at the very urged its. I'm an old group where he. I don't did little container of her down home. Four iron a concert drew Bernie it's tangible it's. Not a you okay. It benefits are. And I can say Robert L knowledge is appreciated in good luck GOK. Usher but not me each. I crystal. Came the food cook thought. And all you. Hoping to hear horror I. All. I don't know I'm just like holding on to all well I like my babies are here to say it now move. Except first yeah yeah DO workers. Who. That's a professional one that's harder to be like yeah it's something that is very respectful. Yeah he added we RI TE UR I on him. Yes she's very sweet the good news is that obviously adores you the bad news is he doesn't want a date anybody who works look at. So she and other job calls. Yeah I. Yes Tony Mancuso at least you got its allies are now being changed.