Flirty: The mysterious bar patron that looked like Clark Kent

Wednesday, April 19th

Why did the mysterious man leave his business card...was he trying to get a bartenders attention? 


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So it's yeah. I love this show me tell flirty and maybe she is I got a kind of an interesting situation with a guy she met a bar a couple of weeks ago tell us that story. I look at the bar and it's pretty. Low key leaders Leo I get older people and all the punished fairly high bag. Gay men and he looked like arcana. Is it he did court. And the only have one leery dating ads and you epidemic card and alert means I am now at least it for free but and a and all you know all of girls are trying to digging turned bad even do you any being. Way you really did look like Clark Kent. With the glasses and everything. Yeah Ali and a girl and even had a little curl on it quick and. Oh my god she said darling girls were fighting to ask him now yeah did you do the first time customer service was key in that little bar. I yeah we've never been that excited and I want and don't you get back of people non. Show Clark can only showed up for 45 minutes and they bounced. Yeah he just last end I mean really why he elected business cart now. I wanna know who elected for an eye opener let me. This could backfire though I just let my business card at chipotle for free burrito next. So maybe he's trying to fish for free beer Baidu and god I'll. The good news gays and obviously with his business card we know exactly where he works what is number is and we contacted them he agreed to come on we told only that somebody wanted to connect with them on the radio show he's been holding the whole time literati will get him on. I Leah. Hello anybody to Booker Alex's hair and I want to introduce to you how Leigh Parrish is say. Re introduce you to tally this is similarly called flirty and how he contacted us because she works at a bar that you're recently asked by the way do what I tell you that she is on the phone and she said that there are a lot of the bar that were very excited you serve view and EU were left to business card and holly just wanted and now who you left the business cards for. I'm lawyer and I always you know lead my business card when I. Hey just in case someone needs buying services yeah. So this is like I think you always do you always sleep your business card this is not a pay I think you're really Q1 what you call into everything. Right now while I would not try to pick up our girls at all Tom. Armor. Yeah well. Eight. They make you feel good that alleyway to the trouble of contacting us and had us reach out to you because she die you're so cool we came into the barn. Yeah I'd it is very it's very nice 7 ma am honored that. I'm very flattered to be left some marks. You did and just go dad you always have ice cold beer waiting Gloria at damn bar. That's much appreciated.