Hook up or Hang up: She wants a man to put sunscreen on her back

Friday, July 20th

Julie is looking for a tall, athletic man with good hands to put sunscreen lotion on her back. Will she hook up or hang up?

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Combine. Eight are. Up for a hook up or hang out. And Julie is on the phone she's look at a five big guy we've got somebody with the daylight Julie but first lets you a little bit about you and what you're looking for a guy. I'm not ultra Matt Elam. Got them all and love hold Alan cook for me and be back be an act. Oh yeah okay well that's easy yeah. When he won Annika I don't. Gays Selig ever big strong Asian man basically. Yeah. All right I'm. OK Julie do you have a preference is far as what he looks like there or is it more about what he's an offer as far as personnel goes. While I want her picked her reality LME Annie anemic at our lead back into life. It really muscular. OK okay I am getting it triggers a muscular is very important thing for. And 610. Yeah. I have to be. Warrants and show aren't as she throws and another factor that are fun basis must always 61 and funny that's not how lucky you know six foot are comedians you know 99. And I'm sure all the six foot you looked up comedian people in Austin are all taken right. Let's check in with Henry Harry get Marta and I judge hears shots get a double BB 6060 chat with each other see if there's any chemistry there or feel like to continue the conversation at the end of the sixty seconds will do what count down 321 at which time you can see day. Hook up if you both do then we're gonna should be offered an awesome date. Or you can literally hang up the phone obviously one though you're not interested and sixty seconds begins. Now. I don't. So he's like a lock on the beasts. I can't get animal. Typically on the beach elect playing ball about rose yeah. Yeah happening Marlins Amaral. That nobody at times she yeah very wrong gripping and play if you're really good massage. All of that truck AA. You are so little plane Alley. You like that and or Al. And other match up act numb and not make it to those nooks and crannies and you just can't. Oh yeah complex and I'm so I really let your letter I got that I got to meet being gone on. How Ireland an old I'm six foot and a half. I catch it right there are I area got sick and shut it may. Now we know they he does not like to rub sand dollar himself because the nooks and crannies. He's six and a half which is pretty much exactly what you want it however he'd tends to be a little bit more on the lean side. And it scares me that's like the skinny side at Lima's skinny in his or enhance yeah. And I think that she wants to get a man boy she's a site and I like Robin motions the man. One guy they can change a flat tire carrier crowds are rational hungry for a lot of our eyes let's go guys. Chile you heard from Henry Henry guy based upon Julie's question you can determine whether or not she is some of the you would like to go out with show. We're gonna count down. Three you lie at that point you'll either shape up or you will literally hang up the phone OK guys. It. Eight. Yeah. Okay. A red light you. Julie I was honestly a little odd concern what every said he was on the inside because yeah you play such an emphasis on the muscular build that I thought that was really importantly. ID act. I am being it worked out together and. OK so this six foot and I had. Are adamant I actually I need it and rational. Me. I well listen and now we're gonna take care and amazing romantic gate and at the best of luck to you about. There. Are to meet June. And tomorrow.