If a girl compliments you...is she hitting on you?

Thursday, June 21st

Alex was out with his boys and the waitress complimented his friend's arms. Was she hitting on him?

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So World Cup going on right now so my boys and a some of my boy's friends they're all hardcore soccer so I tagged along one which is made a comment tournament boys as the wind not a tank top but it was like a short cut sleeves were has like has the dudes like not jacked but he's very defined I was leaders aren't going to analysts at arms like that now and so the first thing when our waitress said as she says wow you have great definition and and here's where I guess I mean rye and now they've hidden it allows like Reno say he was like kind of speechless abilities like dude to cholesterol so once I got Alec and she does this is really does I mean maybe she's in the fitness nations riot urgency working out and you really have. After definition Shanley her lips and same level of your arms mean Scotland a definition and of course the day goes on drinks are being bored he gets like liquid courage and Watson got robbed Mike yeah. Don't and finally like to your friends are at stop telling dude you know what don't be stupid this doesn't work she doesn't wanna cup with you originally Canadian. And we're never gonna be able to come back and watch World Cup World Cup coop for another month so you cannot screwed this up and and we literally had to drag him out like by his a year to leave them are any candidate. That he's the prom with communication with the men and women because. Women think that anytime a guy is nice to them and they're probably hitting on them right pencil. The misconception. Most attacked. I would say degenerate we are yet but there are ties were we just wanna be nice now for man. And whenever a woman pays us a couple of bad it is a really sure. Then the Fuzzy line for us because all it. Almost always. Personal Sonny gets a compliment yes yes people around like how we were we all know that that's. The case so rare do we mean. Paid compliments to man match that we wanna believe that it's more than just a nice thing I'm sorry Alex actually feature a little their rob really because I think any time a girl. Says a compliment that something like someone's body part. He is a 100% handing on hand where. She's like let's leave is enjoying go to my bed. But she's saying something nice because she finds something attractive about that person. So the problem is in this one feature about me all the time you're dad but you have nice hands oh thank you. Both of you why he did thanks to hands later. No I have great eyelashes and women tend to compliment me on one I'll totally different that not hitting idea let me tell you. I'm heading on it. Again being dull in the beginning to see where should I immediately went 2:0. I am nice eyelashes she wants the hunt. It. But that's not guys may hold a month ordeal it's chime in on this. Think the desperate you'd rather talk about it so funny to me beat her only reasons I it was at a golf course playing golf and an acute cart girl you what it means she goes you have really nice. And and I thought respect you know like you definitely want to. Yeah. I agree with you for the ball comes out opportunity. Like you're saying Brad Pitt that would come around at all. The wanna come revenue thinks there's there's spark there. You have to act on it I'm not saying like hey you wanna go back. But bring you throw out more alert questions and you get picked up where it goes where you'd think it'd. Tell the girl a couple of made your on your calves what were some of the feel the questions you followed up with. I just like that you are you to being and I were young and start doing Neil where's he from all of and then you feel about. Can you think you have. Acts that take advantage of property back out your body. You couldn't help out that situation without becoming a crock for the jerk. And any opinion waitress could that to him hey are you work out you know she went right for the big compliment you. The phrase it differently. Other than it's been my opinion not I don't know. I would think it he missed an opportunity. To feel out that the. Yeah well I'm taking your right because. She never came back again like to compliment Hemmer talked to him yet. It seemed like maybe she was waiting for him for the numbers I don't think your I. Did she just been wanting to work out information should've been like well wait for teens it's very I don't know. Mean you media some Nicole and you got the door to door open or practical again you ought go. And I'm not saying I'm Dr. Phil but you don't have to like do like you can do that away that's a little more polite. You know I mean so I'd love what you got up my act and the same question about it at. Island Georgia the golf course what if instead of your cab she she would you agree eyelash. That's saying to me I'd bet to think things are you glad you in my opinion are and you know you're single and you're looking for stopping. You have to take the opportunity to feel it out and then you're doing her favorite Canadiens. Gerber not at the grip and it died. That third annual whale I'll let you know the doors open. Well good thing there's World Cup to Mars and will be and at the same car. He sees where it didn't take it. In which Sarah eyelashes don't make any girl hot mother she says she gonna eyelashes can she's jealous your eyelashes these girls nasty 200 dollars a month ago big big guy last. There are higher earnings.