Is it OK to re-gift a ring bought for someone else?

Wednesday, March 14th

This got people fired up this AM! Is it OK to re-gift a ring bought for someone else? 


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Care fight by her engage marine from a friend whose girlfriend rejected it. I was as soon who have a good morning ever Obama names Jack urban shopping for being gay during for my girlfriend that's email we got aha. But it had trouble finding something nice that they could afford until it on the deal of the century this deals from a guy or work with who proposed to his ex girlfriend last year. She's now whole and they broke up he held on gathering just think he's got back together but according to him that's not gonna happen it's easy to care or reading like based on care. Just like. The care. Is enormous so there are only. I OC KCAA ROT is what he said yeah how it ourselves. Well the K keiki care you eat the race when Dan cut it spelled it adds CAA RAT. So on aren't and and a scratch another 82 carrying any offered it to me. Before hassle forty paid show I wanna get it law he's still offering. The only thing I worry about is my girl for will be happy I get I'm giving her marine intended for another woman. Do you think she'll care since its way nicer than anything I could afford. Canceling nine there's no way. Harris here's why if you go to win every hearing if you go to Spencer ambulances have been diamonds drag you go to K Joseph. All those rings on display by the way those are all intended to give to another girl. You're just buying it yours get it from there spring that this guy had. On. The big guy you look at it that way and all those rings and they have an intention going to someone yeah either you your girl or another girl but but the same thing with him. He's not the jewelry story just hasn't had happens at one. Take it it's there's no tide turned the other girl on it. I'm very unpopular comment but I'm gonna every summer until I here for you Sarah Catherine Osborn now that's a bunch of BS want right now you can't do that because number when he thirty feels that we can feel that the rest of his life does it's it it he doesn't tellers to be secretly does he feel that it does feel back is he's asking the question well you know that's a little bit robbed or he wouldn't ask the question does he tellers Alex you know the guy he just gets without telling you now they're simply. You know Ari what do you think. Now. Look first look here's how bigger nice it is it's in the whole process of just going out and finding something that he thinks that she would really enjoy and that looks like her and that. He would like to different like my cousin just got engaged. And they don't have a lot of money and execute this lake ring that he has did that he did died. Specifically. For her and I think that's so sweet and and and just because he's getting this does it's a deal I think that's the wrong motivation to buy it. Yeah -- celebrated sees Sarah than every girl wants a giant ring and if you don't have any reunion may find out that it is not sure if that is true leader Amy Schumer a couple weeks ago we were making fun of her little ring on her finger though. As you work but everyone else was the girls Wear rings to show rings and how big yes I'm sorry and as they do if he gets you care for prop up well. She happy was during economic cut is happy with carrying that. That's we should tell yeah when you can't change it you have to accept that Sarah I'm gonna tell you in my nice to have them popular comment that it's Alice hematoma under there. I completely. Agree with him. Because in me and women who want a big ringing. A big deal and it and I know sometimes you try to commit yourself oh I can't afford to be agreeing Eric I love my man no matter what I'll be happy with whatever gets me I got and that's very sweetie USEC. But you're gonna be judged because what's the first thing. That all your girlfriends do when they finite either you get it ever engage its own I don't easier worrying. It's just it's a status symbol right to know. This is where am I thought bass player. Bullets are not indicate Booker it may not be a status symbol to Sarah we can't tell me we can't sit. You know him to give me second what we we can't tell what she's thinking about that as a guy. We know it's the status symbol when I bought my wife's rain. And give it your I'd be sure I got the biggest damn I can afford and I overspent and not know and I had the money to his cause I knew her friends would do exactly what Brad Coker said it was in the ring let. Hearings it's a status symbol for you guys know. I don't just sell. Doug and I think now I I think morsel for women even got back. How long conversation went out with my frame frankly he is that diamond expert I'm ready for the school friend clarinet flag wrote the book on how to buy a diamond it's actually called how to buy a diamond and you know his big thing is he you know it's better DDI of a better quality diamond is to get a bigger diamond and now after years of talking to women I completely disagree with Fred. If he's an arm and experts it's better to buy a whole less. And cleared less. More flawed guy Ayman. And make a bigger than it is to get a better quality diamond and make it small. And I am 100%. On board with Brad when Brad lookers preaching I thought the same things did it and I saw me in the middle but did. Playing on its Graham on socially and everywhere you see the hand you see I say yes and it's like come on man I mean everyone says Ali you really judge Sarah. I'm sorry but if this poor girl. My dad a couple of years there marriage got that he only got that rain can he got a half off from a guy who got a rejection proposal. She is not going to be happy and it is going to be a fight. Now they see it his whole thing is I am never going to be able to afford arena of this quality. Except for the fact that I got it it never won on that girl's finger right. It so I thought well hey it can make it hurt it was destiny it was it was. Determined to be with you go and I got a great quality diamond at a fraction of what I would pay if I were to get something else it's. Think of it this way Sarah if I was agro I would look at Miami and say you know what. You're so Smart because you figure out he figured out how to put she cared so my finger from perhaps the price. I'm primary because I know that we're gonna be having some fine things in life and you know how to get it half the price you figure out how to give me someone's leftovers. Go work she. So. It's not half a diamond bit I mean a leftovers and suddenly forty Eden and brought it home. What they got divorced OK then all right god I can understand exactly she. Over even eight except did they die Ayman reading and this number hers to began with so now. Now I know it's best. With the cougar it withering picked up for somebody else have Lyle not a ring that he went out and kicked out for her I really appreciate that shared kind of it kind of goes to your character. Of these these things are not that important yeah I do appreciate that but I year old at least based upon the countless number of women that I've met through the years be grabbed Booker and oh yeah that you're in the minority. I've never met one girl I'd like you like it's his success like whatever. Do you know you know deep down inside I know NN if they do you have a small one they're like working up to like when they get married administrative and get the bigger one. Nobody wants a small and I'll tell you that it's okay to re gift your friends failed endangering. Text yes or no to 5199. Victory in if you have a comment we'd love to hear from you five point 26435947. Hope we can tick you off to you by. I'd like six forgery 59 Porsche or Booker Alex's shared vacation were listening to actually India Lexington what do you think. Popular. Back. I'm particularly. And eight base out there and added eighteen and they will get better and they. Apparently Lindy feels the same way about self on six. Getting you were one of the candidates she's off foreign de Souza says she's secret bunker and I do get it then that would be entering the have sushi agrees and are improper unpopular opinion Alex in Georgetown. I actually agree it well I am I front but similar situation I when I got married we lost work I lost my wedding ring. Three weeks after we got married. Am I had been did spot a little band can we have paid the other one not. And I had that very year end when my girlfriend it would be very regular. Got a divorce how her ring and he would try to edit page are you here. She reached out and you lost your little. I'm looking at ballot and arm but that would be a great quality ring and I'll give you current fraction of what. We paid. Kurt I didn't even think abide by about well at the back to bite me nattering dirty locked one. It better or you will never get a deal like. I'm standing I'm dogs and anyone got out somebody else and like I got that reflect that audio. The relationship I have with my husband. DOS and did you hear that image get the part and in that that she got it from the guy was a jeweler and you know they're cheap or ask Sarah. And you. I I had either angry that day and something more hurt. Okay that's a good idea that's a nice compromise like that that's gonna put some thought into it a crime I care that it's like a usery bat the way I'm all about. There is sworn in dude it's not there. He uses is Jack is China said the got his boy got it and to give does girl and he never even as going as they broke up. Okay now is that catering give to friends fielding gave during text yes or not a 51993. CD in Cedar Park. Well I agree with the diet and here's a lag and at but a little caveat at a Kiki get particular. On he can be honest a wary that it yes. See what you see. As he can they can make it around because they can take to dial in and reset interest adding that she comfortable at. I had that situation where I got divorced I gave my direction my son. And it worked out of my daughter not look like get and she curricula that she ticket she did you know with a lot of character and it made her own. And nobody in congress for the where I I think he should go ahead and do it ends but I would just be honest with with her. And I agree with that because this thing is it's the other guy to all the time and all the work to go out and find that Dimon and that settings or that purse and so if you re put an NN new setting and there are some thought behind it an okay. Why do you tell her MI why would you tell why would get my slightly better. Why would you care to relationship with a lot I'd. I. It's. I'm playing and I heard about the Miami. Herald that aren't thinking just turn it you're you know you're right on the nose and you had a theory jets. So just be adequate you're able after. You know he said yes and you know what they're saying hey I I need to calculate. I want to explain them and I don't want just Beckett the sweet little collection me I want it elect you you like this is great local crisis and other studies together make horse. And that's shall guide. Casey any picture of the collier usually Birmingham Selma. Accurately for Minnesota. On March I had just had a midwestern accent blatantly northern midwestern. U. Nancy. Thank you very much hey man and I sinister message no rings are not a status symbol I told my husband he better not by big diamond or buy something you could afford I get just as many compliments marine as the next person Sarah. Sat out meg and overall to be 70% say it's okay to every gift to friends field home. 70% said he is also ahead. Every woman we talked he also said the same thing Tinto are a little tad out of them like I didn't say org and Rome are you surprised by this. I am a little bit surprise yeah yes women who love big rains we're in Texas skies. Absolutely it's not in Texas but you're right Mary given more snow war zone.