Kelly Clarkson chats about Blake Shelton being the "Sexiest Man Alive"

Friday, November 17th

What does Kelly Clarkson think about Blake Shelton being the "Sexiest Man Alive"?


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Earlier this week's People Magazine released their sex she's we analyze the issue and Blake shell chairman. Of the voice the country singer was named sexiest man alive and a lot of people are like. Wait why each. Now Blake fortunately has a great sense of humor and thought it was really funny had so many haters show he posted video of himself really mean tweets. About how he does not deserve to be the sixties realize. Woke up this lesson is that bookshelves and as a six is. Our property every six CNN. I doubt in the great sexy funny to 2017. And over or not you'll Venus. Blake Shelton is sixty if you octagon who's always about the Armenian and tell you about a party help the American bald but. What your thoughts are that I had in drug commercial where they list off the side effects at the end while you watching build a murder house. What Shelton isn't even the sexiest man at this ball out. Still it is six he has got at a San Fernando Valley country club turned strip mall but that's about it. We may be living in a time of division and straw. Middle East People Magazine has united us in our certainty that Blake Shelton is not the sexiest man off. From that I had while we decided that we would ask our good frank Kelly Clark show where she thought about I'll list calico large is headlining a mere mix show on December the thirteenth Gibb Blake Shelton actually. Officiating Kelly portions wedding there are their best friend I didn't have the house and Kelly this is crazy aunt. Everything it is let me give up bad. Arabs should be good they said he's not the sex she ran along. You know I love about it. I think that Blake is very handsome but particularly I I think what's great about it is that he's charismatic kidneys so lovely and sweep you don't know I'd ever like. There's so many things that make protected so. I thought a B Brad Pitt ever had. Oh yeah I picked. And that's where it's labels for every day Joseph like me like a normal Alex here when Blake winds are some like oh my god he's just like me go and Adams on their went into done thirteen in my. No we don't look anything alike. I actually needed to be very don't look like Blake either. But keep in place nobody gave out of like him I think I mean I know the number I think that there are the same kind of him. Now no now. So now you come here it's 0019. I would she's Blake over out on any day now see Casey here this is where we are an issue Adams like a whole different sexy. I get no I have maybe that's not guide look at and a slow. Well now if I weren't too wanna just hang out Simmons forever Blake Shelton hands down all day long because he's funny. Charming he's always gonna be good conversation. Yeah hi daddy is no absolutely. Yeah and yeah and I think people and the heat toll taking a shot themselves like what it's like an ugly fat kids. Well I did that is going to be a let me know I think is that often kid for like. Eating kid like eight you know we all than what great at puberty so that the like is not. How did you congratulate them. I literally found out. Late last night and my husband the end of that might I didn't have a. Are you kidding. No I didn't I didn't even know that I just saw a clip this is Alan interview. Which is hilarious. Here's a clip I have been fat and ugly in my whole lot. Yeah. And it if only for one year I need to be sexy I am going to milk this for. Did you leave the comedian now heart as well though what is that means sexiest man alive like you and they like I levity kind of being ugly that Syria. Brian Kelly is heavily and Blake Shelton's corner and I she's going to be performing at or Mary makes show headlining on December 13 he she allowed to moody Peter to reach a platinum. Secondhand serenade there are a few tickets left. And makes 947 dot com but you better hurry and get it. By the way adds a video that glacial misery in his means rates. I didn't realize in the bottom left corner really small on fine print says pass tag I don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Yeah I'm. Love me tomorrow.