{LISTEN} Booker and Alex's New Favorite Speakeasy

Monday, February 26th

This weekend, Booker and Alex ventured out to new places. After creating a list of three places to visit, they stumbled across a speakeasy...The Good Life BAR BAR! Ever heard of it?

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Hey Sarah Kelly to tell you about our experience this weekend. Alex and I went now with the sole intention of learning about new places we never venture Reich has between the two of us were pretty good touch with everything that's happening and honesty. We're texting back and forth we said let's pick three places that we've never been seen use sensory Allison thirty and we came up with a pretty good we we narrowed down to three. And we went nailed it. We went to whine and really is a name. CU 29 C 29 the guy across from omni hotel downtown Austin nothing going on there was early early in the night. And then we went to another place that looked like you is cool except it was close for prior part. Yeah I had that was. Sarah actually had been in their first second and yeah it's your time. I'm victory out victories here on the street down. So they believe and we it and sell this jury to at least I do want you go to called. It's the whiskey place I wish to play that's a Los Palmer say yeah brand new Jiang Norman swift yes soldier norm does. Leeds was John enormous law John norm Booker but the but the wall was like wall to wall whiskey yeah I'm enjoying it like they have unleashed long yeah I discourage you let us cool but it drop mean whiskey and I mean I don't step. I was getting Rockwood would like five minutes is called seven greens are hungry as CIA which was good to me that's did you jam is a school. To boo you for Alex's case he was gonna dress down their nights out he wanted to customer assumed they don't forget it was 71. It would put it was blues you free cell Anemia considering that part of tad bit sketch that's a really nice late in coming it is it is up and coming thank you so then. And we left there and we wait till this place that we heard a little speedy Alex actually had heard it. Of this will speak easy only got to Q would it say about the sort of. They had no say to me whatsoever when I said hey walk up to the red lights on Ringo and I really like doodling on Mary I'm since they. I can't and we locked up by the way in the rental I was honored and it was like OK we can go in there we go downstairs as far. Shell. I'm like barred. The sign outside says the good life barbershop perhaps. And it's on fifth street. And it there it's like one of those side deed indoors yeah keg so you open up the gated door and you walk down steers and this is still weird. And as you're walking downstairs you get to the bottom and you look to the right and there is what looks like a barber shop museum it's an all glass wall doesn't really played a barber shop museum is like old school barber chairs and everything. And on the other side of the wall is a dory opened up and also other people and their drink it it's a ball hard but you. Nothing about it is this is all or nothing upstairs she is Bartley this is so crazy. That's funny because that's a sad that's a trend right now on LA can I went to one of those where it was an actual barbershop and and you just have to walk through while people are getting their haircut to a bar but it's not trendy it's a great story I'll tell you that. And by the way you're taking Wear on these are wearing these history here's the thing it's sandwiched between any disease and handle bar it's I don't like those condos. What they used to be by the way the old capitol Chevrolet dealership back to point. The forties he announce our residential except at the bottom as a barber shop in this bark so here's the story and I immediately had to know the story. Still I met the owner we we started yep doubly Dioner. And he's like an old bar guy even though he looks like he's. Eighteen Atlanta's Brian Brian Henry had been in into the bar business furlong time of dry wanted to open up his own park. And he had been going to this barbershop for years as willing to get even cutting his hair fur ever. And Debbie lived right where the bar is now that was an apartment and she lived in that apartment. And guy he he'd been looking at different venues for the media for his bar. And didn't find any day in the end. Denny decided that she was gonna move out to south Austin and then hit a Mosley a label this lady. How aunt Debbie you and are going to hand Aziz and we open up a born year old apart a bit. Who cooked. And we say old apartment and it's eerie old white kids all the portal build an old old school. And she's like that's a great deal of Jimmy's boyfriend the contractors who say they're gonna build this Al looked. And and create a bar will now. Because as we talked about. They can only get a light is in the HO way only states that if something were to go and they can only say I have a beer and wine so they can only do beer wine but here's the great part. This awesome. Come cocktail guy when I got grad I'm a white guy homo cock Doug Allen are dawn outside kind of one of the cocktail. All right stares directly above the barber shop on street level is a liquor store. So I've lakers yeah. You couldn't call you can block your liquor there're it briefer home if you wind and there's a ten dollar set up fee and they have all the stuff you need to make your cocktails you pay ten dollars a person as you go in there and you drink you're old bottle that contrary my. We don't take your own ball bat if you are one of the lucky few they have blockers there site in the locker Liz is like Green Bay packer Lambeau Field. Us like it is so let's say here's a crazy thing says what's on fighting this looks funny like we spent like Dinara. Half now. Way too long here in this guy as a business around and he's starting nose there were like oh my god we still better leader we season was Comedy Central -- finally enjoy a drink there and then I'm like let's go out let's go check another bars in Milwaukee now we're leaving. And Booker sees is boys when his friend and his wife. And they're in line for Bard on the scene and I know he did say this so brokers in the mode of it crazy to say everything he just learned of these people might go out and other artists that are dissolved and I got a job. Here's the grass fire till I get down and I'm going through the hole should be all like don't deal gives their lipstick prints on the wall and that's a whole story and I'm in the Debbie and we sat in the chair that he got a haircut because on the other side of that wall is did the other part of the barber shop which you can actually go to from the bars you're sitting at lake. The real barbershop and I'm explaining the whole story and also aboard looks really young man it's my anniversary. I'll see you guys aware okay. And I. Oppose the details under mr. Simmons faced the faced out about it.