{LISTEN} Booker and His Son Talk Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 14th

Booker talks to Grayson about Valentine’s Day and love…and someone sneaks in a fart on air. If you listen closely, you may just hear it.


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Happy Valentine's. And everybody. L today aides just what ever. I mean it's Valentine's Day. And I'm special with your wife and children like me we're going to Kirby a plane at 4 PM and we're going to get ashes Ash Wednesday night as that's. As we've participated that's become Catholics against the forty days some. Again I mean you know I should be a better Catholic but I mean who he yours your kids. Take him Kirby ordained oh okay that we did things we did big blasts nine mom made our we have a three year old boy in and a nine month old daughter enough dated the daughter my daughter was asleep by some was mama mama mama my wife was making cupcakes of them. I first class. And then they came up till like Booker like Hayes was like well I eat my wife knows your son doesn't really like sugar like ballot should not like my kid says she's like well why did I get Grayson in marinara cupcake still up. Valentine's Day and I was like. Good good good I don't want that awkward like Arab like she had a Dahntay is a Nikkei any that can't think for this release lever but we know we we thought your chance as well as they'd like but know that we want to but I didn't want to you'd have to deal with that it is actually that's just another thing on the Brad Booker Stanley played a deal with you now. Yeah absolutely it. We have had her own BK yeah I can think is an assurance of like that show we'd pack your own treats that's nice for these kids so we would be awkward but a one MIA. Son who's three to know about Valentine's Day and talked or about love and Valentine's Shandong and last night I was taking Rihanna to dinner and then we which is she school Iraq can bask cultural just playing to this weekend. And I wanted to agree should know that you know mommy and daddy going dates I think it's very important to show love and affection and in front of your children with your significant others so I'm costly kiss and heard in tone among them were going out on dates can I want my daughter to see the way. I treat her in my son to know that this is the way it's supposed to be in the. I'd die laughing as the Brad Booker households completely different from my house I'll households. Yeah says that he's trying to Jesus son about eleven had a goes on days when my wife and I know try to go on a day were like hey we're gonna work see you later. That's politically and get out. I'll say my daddy are going on a date I always shown that so I said Elton yeah the last night and hour before we were leaving Fergie and I wanted to have a little conversation there about Valentine's Day and and we did now. What should listen very very closely what I'm about to play for you because just a couple seconds and I have my sign right there who's three and then my daughter wanted to be a part of the action to ensure she took an extra rest she is chair oh. And just a few seconds into our conversation my daughter let's wonder wrapped nice and I believe I hope you can hear this is that we all start a bus now laugh and by UK and very distinctly hear her fart in the middle of our conversation about lump. Anybody have all normal and that don't won't. And only good and I. I'm trying to have a conversation with her brother and you're over there too and little miss children are you little misty. Yeah. Yeah and. Kris summit take your money on this date two things cool. You know line picking your mum on a date turner you know because I love her Turkey's Jewish Valentine's Day. You can't. Time the old consumer time Dallas County game. Valentine's Day PC Valentine's. Day planner I am saying okay that's close enough you know what that means hiring. Yeah it's a party can't. I think there and Valentine's these are all about loved. Ones. Are you in love with anybody Grecian. All Iron Lady and her mama madness. And enough marriage as you know monsters you don't monsters know yeah. So mean around my eat. I. I do I can. I don't think monsters you're gonna come on Valentine's Day because it's all about love and who loves monsters nano right. I. You will spider man's good he's not a monster out. My son Sammy is not a monster you think I'm glad he's a good guy Mott and I. Can't go home. They are and do we love that superheroes. And what else do we love Grecian and seeing all. I think you have to. We do. And and you share are you gonna have a girlfriend Grecian. Am in half and what's her name going to be. And didn't want now embryo is a class act can unite and I her you wanna ask reality should be your Valentine. Romney in many and that's. And there you go down here it's around our SEC Dahlia Mans series. Monsters and grab Montana man Bob Murray always.