{LISTEN} Booker is Being Ignored

Friday, March 9th

There is an attractive woman in the office that refuses to acknowledge Booker's existence . Sara and Alex bring her up to the studio to get the two of them to meet without it being "creepy."


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Source Apple's new futuristic headquarters apple pol is having some problems the building. Is filled with so much cleared Gaal it's their employees have reportedly been walking it needs a blow. And apple shouldn't have installed windows. Before seen anything else it's important that I'm Mitch and I love my wife employed. I really do I love my life and well about this and I'm not trying to Holler and any other women and and this is not long you're Blackberry loses girl that works in the building that's really cute okay. Again not trying to Holler out there but for whatever reason this girl refuses to acknowledge my existence. China does it and are now level now she is different buildings it's a longer other works in the real estate office it's not states not does that girl acts like she don't know anyone had his shirt in China littered smile an enjoyment mud. This girl's even worsened her own little girl I'm referring to refuses to acknowledge and I even exist on this planet just my whole thing is I want her to at least make eye contact with me not her head and then move on that's all along that's I ask if I'm not trying to get digits I'm not trying to hook up love for anti gay I'm just trying to get her to acknowledge my. Existence she seemed reluctant Rollins very trashy jerseys every guy role and up and are looking better and she just says he wanna know is that is she knows what she's gonna yet. You don't want to. I don't want all why do you want her to say hi because other than it makes you feel good because she's tired now. Right well yes that's right that's. But I just know the fact that Brad but there's been a nice guy and ligaments in my line of Santa Claus is she's not being nice that. Nokia there's no conversation your book is like man there is blood may edit office who's led 54 years old. And I'll say Heidi meaningful. Your gambling on something there. I how hard it start is just me being nice and one day I was leaving and she was coming into the building and I wish we refer to make eye contact Tim hunt and she didn't. That's telling him what every. Do you really our gasoline guys and girls whenever you're very friendly. Thank you Alex but I notice you started becoming a trend where she would not even look at me she was surly when I talk to me and it got two point worst really start her my films like why is this girl completely ignored me. So now it is my mission virtue at least acknowledge me getting you being creepy about it and I know. I have your back whenever sense it's not up to creeping this now it's about her being hot she really at least person in the world guy or girl pace is the fact that this person is not acknowledging it is your goal now. They get a look at you and they smile or some type of life icu. This has been going on for months now right. Hamas. And this is really starting to bother me now what are we know that some of cool dude maybe she thinks the creepy guy but I wondered know that I'm a good dude in some think she can say. Oh really. Check that you're getting our favorite gym yesterday avoid leaving any elevator were on the third floor and I'm going down the floor why not. It was a rough day for me yesterday I was big gash you know I'm always going lowered my intentions but I was attending gassing and I was sill in the elevator and yes I'll admit it's embarrassing but I let one rip you know my ER. It governors are beautiful our knowledge stuff on the first floor with the elevator doors open I guess you stand here right there lady getting and oh and I'm. Is. It is lucky yeah. This earlier diligently now manager that. Well okay. This is what I think we should do and I think that Alex NIC go find her similar short missed connections to it and we should get her on the phone and explain you just wanna see how you Wear wedding ring so maybe she thinks you're trying to roll up on her ground she doesn't know you're taking and she's. Or really early in the morning showing no she's here right now but. If you were to go down and get her when Debbie creepy like totally creepy buddy I you do it's asked actually. Let's say terror we just did Rihanna wants me. I don't know about this beach it's who we often see you're gonna find her yes and you're gonna bring up here let me explain the whole situation not only sharing knowledge is doesn't look so bad ass from. You got going on and I. Shell hole just a few weeks ago. I tell the story about how this girl in our building refuses to acknowledge my existence I mean. Not only should not talk to me but she's not even make eye contact with me and I'm just so. Bothered by it. Syrian Alex decided that they were gonna go down and find her and done I just got to Texas said she was in the lobby. When they went down they'd have to go ahead. And they're on their way back out so while we wait. When it remind you about the 300000 dollar think yield your chance to win. One grand just listening to our radio station will do whatever TCU Liss who bride you know. And it will give me a keyword it will only after every single hour up until six. 6 PM listen for ID keyword text into seven to anyone hey guys. Look at this here but cern who lives here in Iowa this. Everybody just trust him we actually had to stop her friend that was going into the bathroom be like hey do you girl that we're seeing your hot face scrap Booker nice to each year thanks in aren't there Shanahan for the first time will use its Christine Christine fool on their look at each other for the first time. Q I don't know what they said you did you come up here but I really appreciate you coming up. So let me explain the first shock you I thought wow this is really pretty woman and I was going to say hi TU NN non threatening way she's. Sidney how worried a late night night Johnny hey girls he's just the guy he's right I've been admitted that they can be intimidating if you don't know that's how are you just you all lot drunks and drug. Slow. I know is she your kind of looking down in Iowa today. Aged guy to the point now where it's like my whole mission to get your I just so I can see IT right. Sad that whenever attractive women are out they intentionally try to look away and not talk to guys because every good looking woman thinks you guys just turn dollar item is that a fair assessment yes I putted very. I am now I do believe police are members Sheen one time you rule the world walking towards you got it maybe believe that you have a boyfriend. Yes okay so I want her to know that I knew that I thought she had a boyfriend tissue lines. He loves the OK these are must and it's not that I'm trying to. Well thank you wishes to the point now where you intentionally have not looked at my direction so it's been a mission of mind you make sure I got. I urge you just so I can say hi and introduced myself he wouldn't think that I'm creepy because maybe subconsciously I was putting all that I'm a creeping do five. Because I was trying to get you to say how IE so this is less creepy and. Saturday this this puts all out there he doesn't want you don't walk away go back to work and and look at the author of the girl in the office and like I creepy dude on the radio holy communion. Now that we've spoken do you even recognize me as someone that you had seen in the building. Actually just thought about it and I remember seen hill. Maybe once or twice. I can you tell Yemeni Jones a senior this is a perfect example of how guys great education and women's. I'll occasionally and hand occasion season other guys don't look at me and I'll I'll get back I remember seeing you do you remember the last and I saw you blow. As him last month rains yesterday in women's. Let me explain how. So this is very embarrassing but it Marty told the story on the radio show paying it is what it is a time of day it was that is around lunchtime yesterday I was feeling very gas she'd show I was in the elevator and I'll keep my party had this thing about you and how you. Not even make eye contact urine elderly it was me and my other friend that's corral me out there I'm. I'm myself yes getting off the elevator and you or your friend were walking and yes I'm announcing you do remember that. You remember anything on court. Thank god okay I'm. That's good because what have. It was very embarrassing thank I was feel low rumble in in my tummy and let one rip right before the door open and then seeing the elevator door opens and here you are standing on my age. I'm a buffalo or did you notice. I guess not real. Okay. Let's actually take this opportunity. You know it's a blend it means I mean now whenever you know we're out about and yeah bump into each other coming in out of the office you'll be a high tech. I'm very sorry he's harmless yet. Notifying them yeah I didn't even dean. About me. Not eye contact and I don't do I contact you and me is something he. It's yeah it's really think only with attractive women ugly when look Camille you.