{LISTEN} Booker Spends How Much on Dinner?!?!

Monday, April 23rd

After a night out with his wife, you won't believe how much Booker spent on dinner! 

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When she cares how much money I accidentally spin on dinner Saturday night okay. So it all started way date night with my wife and I who rarely get a chance to go out you know we have two small children but. Saturday was our night moon Tarek comedy fest word or human growth Tiffany had aged. And Michael were gonna do this weren't a gossamer great for dinner. And I have been very excited about this sushi spot on south Lamar right in front Alamo draft house so tell yes. And we finally went to air made early reservations we are the first people there and I ice whenever I go to sushi bar I'll like to see it at the sushi whenever we're gonna sushi rusher I should say I like to shoot at the sushi bar and as I love the interaction with the sushi Shyamalan on man I don't need ash that. That that's the best part about going to sushi usually really kicking in a little extra in site on the idea ga yeah. Did you know you said they make recommendations of the good stuff so. Immediately I sit down and started targeted the main cash who I later found our way may be the owner but the executive chef for sure. And and we're here we're just kind of talking up Russia which I get because. I am one of those people whenever I go into a new restaurant. I'd prefer not to order off the menu I want you to send me your herb. Star dish you know Wimbledon recommend to mean whatever it is a year known for whatever your most proud. Because. I may order some things that are I might miss out on something that I wouldn't normally order. So I start talking Hamels going in what he what do you most proud and he started cutting the Neiman off about judiciously Gillick the best deal is usually Jeanne do. Is you should just do our sampling they'll McConnell say and and LE EU can just get as you know a little bit of all the stuff. Yeah they go. I guess I'm too perfect so sign me up for that. So we start and he brings out a little something before hand silica or a replica. And Amani custard at the things don't injure talent like on this is awesome. And then dish one comes on the call hi this is great I mean just divine. Dish to dish during were about three or four dishes and and and by the way they're very very small so it's just had a little sample yet the little knob agency could taste it. Like a little bite of lake one key sister she needs a white gray lawyer Sam didn't remind minding your usually has potato skins and mozzarella stick. Plans that's wings Jill. I AM just in love at this point Bo this is an eighteen coursing a partially asleep at us deal might everything's really really small well. Who were cutting in and and our server who was. Unbelievable. Was going through in marking everything on the menu I wanted to make sure that I remembered where everything wise. I document everything at Booker eats and has two grams or I haven't put it up ya but I well. And I like to our armed take picture them that guy. Right on the food guy can't take pictures so I'm you know him take a page everything you wanted to make sure that I knew what everything was so he's writing and all down. In I was looking at all. We're and as I was looking it over I caught a glimpse of what we're doing in the bottom right hand corner of. Of the main meal and and then all of this and he hit me. It's their own country eighteen serving. Simpler. 150. Dollars. Like one little smudge malaria and it was only failure. You know maybe Italy is supposedly a dollar sign and they just go out forgot he had. I was one adds 55 fleet would want safety a purse. So the more we study even. The mortgages could delay the realization set in that we work a 150. Dollars a person and we're four dishes inside the turnabout. I know I still I knew all of them. Then we would end up with a 300 dollar meal but wait there's more you outline no we didn't know where we're not we're not drinking so we have a couple of mock tails which might. By the way were the most delicious my tales and Graham might tonight life. Absolutely. Delicious and this. This meal. What is or I act up until this point I thought who Chico is probably my favorite overall meal all in all Boston not bend to the best of the best. But this will rival blu Chico our experience was phenomenal and and and I appreciated but so. Here we are. And our service was just stayed the ardent phenomenal and and ended the shaft was incredible and an in an eight he designed the manual but just for us. Because he's brought up the first couple any lead took what we shed about back in the limelight. And in design the entire menu based upon. Honest and are we do yeah. I dollars so this is the F 300 they need to have gone. The that that met the armed that mocked him right there you're like about sixteen right so for a couple of and and then up she now. And we three slicks Eckstein error of three to forty whatever. And then you had 26 dollars in it in tax oh god cash out now. Elegant good entree and we do we spend twenty dollars of taxpayer. Had a kid like sixty box right on top of that so by the total Sendai and our dinner for two cool. We know alcohol. It's 400. Dollars. It was right here in the mid neo you a look at Damane neo I was taught. Into a little sweep you know one would mean you I wanted to just really you don't romance never happened mania it's never happened and it out background now.