{LISTEN} Booker's Court

Friday, May 18th

The bride doesn't want the best man's girlfriend attending the wedding, but the groom doesn't see the big deal. Alex and Sara help make the final decision for this couple.

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Itself. After the ceremony at Harriet manual right around and it carries the wave of the public well I guess we'll be back the reception going when the holding of the fetus. And if things. All dry maybe someone honorable Brad Booker has entered the courtroom. He's walking and walking announce what I can see the whole time and they have how do you feel I have a board of all time. Thank you all the litigants in this case hard in the courtroom. And Derek are getting men. Harry and the disagreement is over who should be invited to the wedding Garrick actually is a friend once who vita girl that Vivian hates she wants to veto her from attending the wedding Derek says it's none other business. What his friend does with a plus one can you veto a wedding guest. The morning guys. The morning eating. Yes I actually crack this well I hate that he's absolutely works and it let me. I love your friend's death like he's typical but he has the worst case Lennon and he knows like just thought about like. Just. Biggest. To the map that terrible and sell. I don't want her commitment wedding excited I try to be friends with her she's not a nice girls not cool. And I can just see her like getting steeper rate set on our Dayton it's part of our family and likening it by what your point Fred you're my. Kind map where they are right. Glad that there and it broke and like it just. I did well went back. What is story and created I don't know. How does wedding now that's now the aussies. No you're not going to be invited to the big now. The jury Alex is Cheryl deliberate and decide upon that okay Garrick it's what are your best friends and you say they and you don't mind if he brings in crazy girl to the wedding. What you think one key is going to be my best man he's basically my bets spreads what the tables were turned. Yeah right what if we were invited to a wedding and it was my best friend and she said about you can't bring it via my little different you they like that that the work. And secondly they need to let the girl for very long are they wait wait so who knows. I I have not heard this on the floor like I'd. Kind of what it's been out like on the day yet you I read that the stress. Course you can fight region have dropped about I'd like to think that we could just regardless of who's crying and whatever the issue I can just you know our own little island of acting. So I don't wanna feed that little monster of old go up there. And need I remind everyone. That he paid for my entire bachelor party. Meant to throw them. Now she kind of feel obligated KG pony to separate the bachelor party so you feel like he can bring whoever wants to hear it easier. Right I didn't. Yeah I mean I see both sides and it's going to be very difficult I don't know what to do on your I believe the common consensus is on a wedding day it's all about the bright guys only going be married each to a because at the woman washed it. So it's. All about making her. Her hopped on the Tonight Show on while the police officers did a judge handling the common sense of the journey I don't judge you're going to early today don't speak for every man. I know there are a lot of guys gone to him he let the count on the back Vivian and Derek have agreed that whatever you decide is what they're doing to ensure reluctantly no matter what what are right Alley she should get a very strong opinion on how you feel about. Yeah I see both sides of this was actually me in my wedding my wife tonight with the same situation with a friend and that the plus one was someone that she didn't care route but I was like well you know it's kind of like Derek. This situation is best and that was the best man hopefully he breaks up with her she recent exam prior to the wedding but you can't hold your breath he can debt giving can't be worried about that offense got to forget about us. And Derek gets pulled aside and say dude here's the situation my fiance canned salmon grow your dating and this is what stings is gonna have. Happened I trust you as my best friend as my best man you need to control us needing to make sure that this does not happen this being. Creating wasted at the wedding her making a scene her acting a fool and he ask you view his word of like I got discovered don't sweat it here's another thing let me give you some advice photos live forever after the wedding here's the thing make sure since has got to have a good track record with his girls you want her at the corner of the all the photos so you can easily Photoshop around -- That's my wife says my wife and make sure that one of the girls it was at our wedding was at the corners to get photo shot down Casey was when this person anymore so just nature's is not in the middle by you where it's harder to Photoshop but I think it yet trust there yet so as best friend does it it's okay for her to come but he's got to make sure she's in check. Sarah so I Purcell was gonna say Donna biter is that sounds ridiculous and you have every right to say she should not come and that thought about it a and based off what Alex and once thought about. I think you should a lauer to come it's just one of those things it is your best to me and and the good thing is. He is the best and he says they handle things and you can handle so if she does little crazy. He can take her aside and what I wanna say that Alex did not say is. You don't wanna be the bad guy so that the best friend is angry the whole wedding let me the bad guy. NASA apologize for his date is something that is around our room. Let him have to take responsibility. Person is you beaded bag guy and him be angry going into the wedding. The bottom line is you're going to be show caught up in your wedding vivienne and the world wind of it all they you're probably not gonna realize that she's there. Solve our decision you all is that she's invited to the wedding and but Derek just he's ever sit down and have him control his girl yes. The whole night yeah I can I that is the verdict. How do you feel about that Vivian. I know this point advantage and viewpoints and the things they pointed out and yes I do trust very nice. I don't turn things around. I couldn't.