{LISTEN} Booker's Court - This Husband Is Keeping a Secret

Thursday, February 22nd

When her husband won't share his income with her, Jessica turns to Booker, Alex, and Sara to get their view on this.


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Before seven the organization that oversees a mug genes. Has changed the mobster remote G all to people in mind complains. That he didn't have the correct number of blacks. Yeah I'm not a glass. To thank you so much time you know. Not every time I tell someone about mobsters. I don't have to trod the woods mobster amount of G plus two extra legs and. All rise system and honorable Brad. Booker is in the Couric is presiding he's here you make the words really amber yeah keep the point that you're here. Good morning. Thank you I am yeah. See. You be seated firearm I have read your complaint we have just scare Roger on this morning and here's the gist of the issue Roger does not wanna file taxes jointly because he does not want his wife Jessica to know how much money he makes. Jessica does not understand and you are mad right. Please let's hear from you first lady's first banks and none of this talk to them an injury she. Is. Well I mean hello leaned Ben raised to think that if you're married your partners. I don't really think that his business in different remind democratic primary campaign money which I don't think it really fair. And how recent the budget and take care I don't know how to not take it personally. What are the things you wanna budget for. A little more stuff. Place you know let it burn have kids then like what. There are capabilities you know we have a third on the money that we may maybe we can annihilate Iran I don't know why he's being those secret and he knows how much I made. But he didn't look like he's hiding something really important for me and that is something that makes you really are comparable. And I didn't know that really that burglary at Mary's. Reggio should met that it does show and really awkward that you refuse to file your tax is too early because you do not want your right to know how much money you make. Well yeah it's my salary my own personal business. Isn't she had everything shall ever need all the builder taking care Ritchie want to take vacations you know we can do that. You wanna budget for a school we can put money aside. She makes her money I pay all the bills you're gonna have to do you know with any of the bills. It's my personal thing that I've developed throughout my career I don't even told my parents or anybody else nobody knows how much I make beside me and the person that time I checked that somebody else's business. So this is jumping the U of long held close to year over your finances. Yeah a bit I mean. If it's because she wants to save some money on the taxes or you know you get some benefits when he filed jointly I'll make up the difference it's just something that I've never done I just don't talk about stuff. I'm afraid you Bentley a stripper addiction and very easily she is ever AMBER Alert from banning. I can assure you like I meant what I said. In our bows I love you it's just the two of us it'll never be anyone else this is something that money that the mine and it's it's a personal thing to me it's really really personal. Just give do you agree with more Roger shed about the fact that he pays for everything. Well. I mean I just don't understand what it's what it is that your lacking way it is that are not providing or you're not getting. I start to show that's up to the jury share. Talk about this up before he married in the make a decision between the studio I totally cited Jessica in the sense if you're married I just I'm a nurse. Understand why you're putting so much power he's putting so much power in the amount of money he makes it's just a number and it's just money and if you guys are living together and you do you plan on having children and you cram buying properties together and you clean and going to be casing for me personally I would like to know at least where we six because some very cost conscious. So just kind of like. Checks and balances intent you know I don't all of your business like that just she wants to know how much you make. Let me just all of vineyard is this she just wants to know because you guys are partners in you are. Nearing can I ask him again like what is the word personal mean like why is that personal Roger. I've been taught that you never talk about money especially two friends and family and that's just how I grew up I never knew how much my parents made. But everything was always taking care so it was just it was never an issue. I think hearing on Alex I Tennessee were Rogers coming from about the whole personal thing letting Roger wants to hide something to him that he keeps heads but I mean I know marriages were years my when mine is yours kind of been I went to this of my wife before got married even now I have my own personal checking account and my wife has her own personal checking account I wanna buy some things from me and I want her writings and I don't want to feel like it's an asp purchasing now the check that I get direct deposit is mine her loses -- and I want that to be out wait how about this I don't want you to both file your taxes together. But I want Roger handled this and I want Roger do all the paperwork and I want when the taxes come back in the mail. Are emailed I want Roger to keep the forms to himself adding he'll put her eighties if they filed together which is like Roger do everything we can't. Hey I Jessica how would you feel about Roger filing jointly by hailing on the payroll working keeping all the paperwork would you be OK with that. I don't believe the quality. And still keeping it from me yeah. At the end of the day he's done well and you see certain things about his business right. Where your eyes so who should win this verdict here I did David Jessica needs and know what Roger's making Cheaney. She needs suited for this to go on but what I'm about to say is horrible of me and I had. It's a sound so bad but if Roger once to hide money that he's making means find a different source to hide it like an offshore banker. Car talk car alight somewhere in the Cayman Islands. Joking I mean. It's a good day hasn't given tax forms after she asked to see it for art that the move forward she has to see it now for Roger to get that extra money do whatever way that he has to figure out when you're about Sarah. If he stressed his HR person that signs the check he can also trust his wife and therefore he should. Biotech is jointly and tell how much she makes her a Jessica. I guess I agree to it I don't agree with it. Per say but I agreed to follow what you guys said. Any debris got to excel spread and I like halo. Oh this is how much are bringing and and this is Sade and then maybe you could say hey look here is everything I'm paying for any. In only this is where 82% of my income is going to. You don't need to see everything your wife a steady running nine and vice first say it's not that that it's well again now ball in your business is just knowing what the household stand. I recommend doing it over dinner and having a napkin and a pen we can write on an Afghan. The only information has been on any generally dug deep and excel spreadsheets are allowed top Bernie website stood over eight net gain independence and show it to our I feel that just your. I'm pretty it was I think in the morning and Clinton has been a feeling let down nicely embed words.