{LISTEN} Booker's Letter to Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 14th

Booker writes to Valentine’s Day that it’s nothing personal, but he just doesn’t see the necessity of it. Between crowded grocery stores and inflated prices, Brad shares his take on the holiday.


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Excited for seven. Haven't stopped at CBS the bye get on the way home from work get. Just quick reminder no grown woman ever wants or needs a stuffed animal okay. I grabbed Booker and I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day share it. Does it as do most women. I. And it just doesn't understand why don't like out now Chile instead of trying to debate the merits of Valentine's Day with you I decided that I was going to write an open letter to Valentine's Day. This is getting some always in the middle I see Booker site Nancy Sarah's side this will be the final this is my open letter to Valentine's Day. Dear Valentine's Day. Sorry but I just can't it's not a little one of those it's not you which many things it's 100%. You don't but first things first I'm not. Anti love I love. Law of the matter of fact I'm wildly in love with my wife. I'd love to show her I love for my problem with you Valentine's Day is that you remove this special list of romance. Many are obligated to show love and your dad. There are grocery store 5 PM on February the fourteenth to madhouse of bewilderment shuffling through big cards and picked her flowers. No way they always the last minute it's because Valentine's Day for most of us is a holiday of necessity not of launch. Society police is far too much pressure on us we can embryonic this year book are you planning any surprises. By Gary Richard we're taking a low key approach the day I use rule. And men become showed desperate on this day we spent any short amount of money which please do and I can't handle you know Valentine's Day. We all give price gouged. Sony and her right mind pay 300 dollars for couples Danaher 150 dollars for flowers or 75 dollars for a box of chocolates. Except on Valentine's. Nearly every business inflates the prices on Valentine's Day and the crazy thing is we all know about this artificial inflation and we still lined out to get ripped off. They also prematurely forces people in and out of relationships we offer commit to certain prior to your day and cared I guess what the days following bella tries to air most popular for anyone anyone. Try and break ups and the Valentine's Day season brings about feelings of do or die an ultimatum it's never helped a relationship. Arm my god in cash. Hi there this fight this fight this is the team everywhere we go out and that messaging impacts us psychologically. So much show. That were programmed to believe Jeffs are the single most important tool to obtain a receive lob and it's not. Quality time. Is significantly more important. Let's not forget about people who aren't in relationships you Sharon know very well the awful feeling of everyone vomiting hearts and rose petals why you spend the evening alone would leftovers and Hulu. Several studies actually suggests that being alone a Valentine's Day can cause depression and both teenagers and adults. Like tonight. I have a bit of a tradition of discussing her day over glass of wine most nights and so beautiful to me watching jeopardy to gather her reading bookstore kids may be fall in love with her time after time. I strive to be the best friend husband and lover I can beat 365. Days a year ahem like you know I'm sure. I want you aha I'm not saying to stop loving on Valentine's Day I mean you are no that's I don't. What I'm shahak that I get to keep what I'm saying is when it's expected. It diminishes the authenticity. When I go to a Mexican restaurant I expect to get free chips and salsa yeah. Just special but dining restaurants on the server brittle trees from the show up its expected all got such a lovely surprise. When did you know even the root of Valentine's Day is awful. From February 13 to the fifteen to Romans celebrated the feast look per William demand sacrifice to go to the dog then whipped women with a high into the animals they just slain. The Roman romantics were drunk they were naked she has no links to use your historian at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Young women would actually lineup for the men to hit them Lipsky says they believe this would make them furcal. Fast forward to 2018 we have made this holiday into something just is ridiculous. In my opinion the corporate takeover Valentine's Day is doing far more harm than good for relations. And more importantly relationships tomorrow after PLC which one amounts as it but please don't screw up may eighteenth for me that's NASCAR there and I. Don't really and that it's crazy yeah yeah yeah yeah.