{LISTEN} Is Bribing Your Kid Okay?

Thursday, April 26th

Is it okay to bribe your kid, and if so, how often is it okay to do? Booker, Alex, and Sara tackle the topic with the help of Booker's wife, Briana.

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47 some exciting tech news I was on. Has introduced a new service which allows the delivery person to open the trunk of fuel Olson the bill by tapping on a small front screens so that they can deliver packages. To you'll Paul talk. It's really something that allegedly. No maybe use the car to drive. Brighter kids to get her to do what you want him to do its interest you because a friend of mine posted that he was that is nieces communion and Ava and she got tired of taking pictures it was annoying her mother by not smiling joked he went out and slid David twenty dollars. Yeah Khmer luck here's a deal smile for these pictures and make another happy if I have a good job on another torn waiting for you at the end of the day so Eli in taking the best pictures I have. Firm by the way she's enter first Meehan to look at same grade twin yours is like a lot yeah as a million dollars. Here's the best thing not only did she smile for the rest of the day maintained the most perfect pictures but he had an envelope that he was gonna give her as a gift with fifty dollars in time so we gave her twentieth fraud twentieth yeah and can't double winning by. Hey getting her to smile pocketed the extra ten that it asked. Classic bright abortion the issue anxieties assaults on my son's three and I have to bribe them all the time my friends is again the Basque. I'll get a got a skill always Lori brown you know out in the scandal once it throughout the bass also my wife doesn't you don't league's season essentially you're gonna take my daughters one year old photos and this one of my son Jake NN. Jay do want became you do it that if you want his own cake just fascinates my wife was like shaking again on the phone as a insists Nash take after. All smiles and. And I saw the photos as it he had his own cage she'd body in his own K dad is just eaten the others Matthew JUNRD by your dogs. RNA not just here's a sale like you just wanna get through and so whatever it takes like your boy you 120 by so take it takes is that first Meehan. Unless some I get a. I absolutely agree with you that I do not have children so I'm not a parent so on need talking might just make other parents laugh but I'm telling you all I have so many friends with kids and there is set JC. Difference between the parents you bribe their kids and the parents who don't and yes he got to choose your battles and sometimes you just got to get through I agree with that. But if you make that the norm and not the exception. To be a long hard right like my friends never ever ever brag their children and their children are punished off stand and they know the rules and they have to do you what parents' day and they are just wonderful beautiful children to be around verses and friends who'd give their children and sugary candy every single day because they don't wanna deal with that their kids can be absolute chairs so. My I think that's a slippery slope Alex. Now my wife and I have decided there we are not gonna take that approach of bribing or kiss your right Alex it is a lot easier sometimes just get huge you wanna deal by the Booker fan as patient still. Not allegedly Bailey may be why don't we may the ultimate decision that we were not gonna go down narrowed. It is important it is not bright bands so that they can actually developed that ability to. Think about the decision won't take responsibility here make that decision on there and like being respectful. And Hawaii and it on their Britain Bennett forest habitat reward that's not always gonna happen. That's so true post we don't always get scandals after a good disappears and you know in life when. They're crying a lot that we talked Libyan nation and we give up entirely different stage. And oh lead inside where to go from there whether it's more time alone or hybrid different activity. Beautifully said that's why I love you baby. I. No by no means are we perfect pair tiger remember one time or we had a meltdown after a long. Long trip to grandma's house and they were just out of control the airport as Richard my wife and said Bayern. We think by low Benadryl and chocolate at this point I'll try anything. We started to get store and I will now have her ever again fly with kids on anything other than getting drilled airlines are out.