{LISTEN} Buzzed at Your Own Wedding?

Monday, April 16th

Were you buzzed at your own wedding? Someone you know? Would you be bothered by it if it wasn't you that was buzzed, but your partner? Booker, Alex, and Sara tackle the topic this morning.


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47 it's being reported that a former Goldman. Out of trump building in new you'll who's paid that 2000 dollars to keep quiet about a rumor that trump fathered and illegitimate child and his housekeeper in the 1990s. I installment is meant to keep track of who's coming in and out but this is where Dick. Man we recently saw a story about a bride who got pulled over for drunk driving on the way to her wedding ceremony. In turn down a runaway killer she's getting handcuffed. Now should shared this story about how he. Got a groove drunk in the parking lot aren't sure. Yeah I'm like god is good friend my my friend Ron to steer he lives in Houston used getting married in Houston. And so. On his way to the wedding he just had he made some nerves and I don't know how it is with girls and mean on their way out of Atlanta my way how my wife was glad I mean when I was getting marriages the nerves and just. He just needs something to chill you have that that was in the left for Enron and so Heatley got married and out. It wasn't I don't think the best neighborhood in Houston where the church was it was like on the beltway are like six or eight I. It would greatly neagle in Houston anyways the convenience store there like I went and I sent this I need the strong a stuffy got a concert. And I looked around and it was MD 20/20 oh is that as Ali yeah of course now dog that it was the strongest stuff they had their son he was in my car I wasn't drinking I was driving but he and then a couple of his grooms men were in the car and I gave Scott I spotlight Fortis involves bandied and I said let's go to the church lie of all things that lie mad dog because it was the strongest stuff there can I ask that Clark at the convenience store like hey I need the strong asefi guy heading for a little girl. I mean they did the last. And Maddux and they never clear. Did you have ever clear it's clear Walgreens I think had a ones up there I don't know you I was in Missouri the time he gets me and detours to him. Andy's when he when he and we go to the church parking line and he he's in his toxin is grooms in there and they're just have been away for an hour south. And he he he needs he tried cattle too much but he was all right you can see people through but it but it's common mean to take the edge off I don't want to. I. I don't wanna light like like cheapened the weddings and a legitimate guys just need to. You know just. Tipper and I got them. Nice buzz before my wedding if you did in the united church my wife and I got married in El Paso moron from an inside the church there's little room like where the priests hang out Tom. And we were hanging out is that treasury DA other you know I'm so we are hanging out there. And it's funny because the priest was in there and kind of join us for everything and I was very nervous my dad was there once and my my my mind when migrants and pull out of flask and we are just born on that thing the whole time I mean but you know what. It's weird about it is an insult right. And I can do wrong because I was drinking in God's house. She still wrong answers you're honest I think I felt safe. Yeah textbook but it does in the edge off and god is watching like healthy Mike athletes and elite it was a weird kind of like tranquillity but anyways. It's a job wrestle disease sitting has shown us. Joseph why is another jury and he can flat yes yes unless but I was only you know I think I was fine I was fine I think we did dig it is very commentary the edge off not common though. Since India just get behind the wheel drive go when. Jasager Sarah bush is hypothetically say your getting married and your boys are always wrong. Her fiance at the time. How would you feel about that I'd be pretty upset yes would you still go through that. What it is biased. I don't buzzed in drunk guys Sunnis and that you are but what happens now although I did tell that side and I don't see when I can tell. If I was deed away and I can tell that he was little drown the I'd be pretty upset that be a sounding like there's a fine fine line. You can't cross in front grading you shouldn't buy once you're 6435947. Daniel dripping springs a seven year. I did have some light Beers throughout the days which are like normally water to me but then of course. A group have been brought. Some really nice suburban and before you know it I would like four Beers in two drinks then within like two hours she wasn't. I was a little freaked out my wife is in the bit OCD I don't remember much of the ceremony to the entire time I was just telling myself. Act sober. I'm a and did you why give this. Doesn't she had no idea I know for a fact that I I would lit and I I covered about I held it together and there's days you have no idea. Oh please now listen right now. And the I'll bet you she knows women always now she has probably saving and he had to begin a big ask why if you really want us. I let them.