{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Allison

Tuesday, February 13th

Can Allison from New Braunfels defeat Brad Booker in this morning's game of Can't Beat Booker?


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Just your record is 873 wins in just 88 losses this morning Sarah hiring for Allison Allison lives in New Braunfels makes it commute to singing that's where she's an elementary school teacher went well Murdoch Austin's favorite game. You're okay and are trying to play can be heard pop culture trivia game real simple to play. Sheriff you're in five questions she's about to ask your mother and there whenever you're Donald command had an incident seems five whoever gets more right. Barack. Mr. Brad Berger is Al lead or. For once Stockard Channing is 74 years old today was just crazy so she played Rizzo in grease what was the name of the girl clique she was apart of and the film they all had matching jackets. Won't it is so Architectural. Digest is a feature of Jennifer Aniston's home and includes a picture of a couch. That sells for between 350000. Dollars and 750000. Dollars it's from 1947. And only 150. Were made Jennifer has that kind of money because that prince cast yeah. Be immensely negotiated a salary of how much an episode back in 2002. I'm million. Gay black teacher is going to re tired beaten power glass marshmallow. Which of the following shapes. We're not currently. Part of the marshmallow collection. A bully and a cloture or a sudden. Back and yes. I don't know I don't blink. DeLeon. Paved food allergy groups are upset about a C eaten it in Peter Rabbit said we're ready Ravitz an attacking me and with theories. Knowing he's allergic to them. Didn't e-book. By Beatrice potter Peter Rabbit famously wears what colored jacket. Little red jacket. The end finally. Piano legs by Justin Timberlake is number one album in any country's. Not far behind is the greatest showman and number three what Disney star currently in Casey undercover plays at Cannes France love interest in the film. I cannot get our name and I can or else. We will bring him. Okay V. Mean is she started out so is John you're around and seen the multi yet she faltered she got to Iraq. Her day. Who knows maybe there that tired and. And Nash she's indymac and she got one right and then she changed her answer to. Boom time Mac. Scary yeah questionable. Soccer cheating is 74 years old today Stockard plays Rizzo in grease. And what was the group like she is a part of in the film that ladies. Architectural Digest has a featured Jennifer Aniston's home audio laden. There is no this is crazy sitters and couch that she Allen's early 1947. And only a 150 were ever made. Apparently Elena owns one and Kanye West. It retails like the people buy these couches for between 350000. Dollars and 750000. Dollars hey can. How are the Restoration Hardware was extra hey. Jennifer has this money because these friends cast and famously negotiated salary of how much an episode back in 2002. Million. He turns is going to retire the hourglass. Marshmallow yeah which of the following is no my I shall we ever move on our lives out. Not the following marshmallows which is not part of the marshmallow repertoire in the box bowl wins lovers her son's. Balloons. Over your son. Sun doesn't make sense and I guess would be the answer why is an Emmy and because that would just be circle real concern be a little triangles around under the sun rays here. Yeah signs that. His son that is. Food allergy groups are upset about a scene and Peter Rabbit where the rabbit and tax Amy and with black theories no always usual dig today and Beatrice potter is the author Peter Rabbit. And in her book she famously wears what to colored jacket. That is to. It is and it was. Yeah you that was telecast and finally Meehan of the way by Justin Timberlake is the number one album in the country not far behind as the greatest showman and number three what Disney star currently in JC undercover plays second front love interest in the film is in diet yeah. And Diana at a stretch. Yeah. Flat my hit Kennedy that is my little. Okay it's really hard when you're under the gun and Alison. An end rally he process at every day and got that in this day if they complain you didn't tell me hey you do you play this hour. There's Ben Allen and president rob clothes and I cannot be yeah.