{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Claudia

Thursday, April 26th

Who will come out on top? Claudia or Brad? Can you answer these questions right? Tune in and play along to find out!

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His record is 919. Wins in just 91 losses this morning Sarajevo for Claudia Claudia who lives in north Austin makes me to be days where she's a pharmacy tech. Let's let her boss's favorite games. And don't give more or girlfriend wordplay can't be Booker is really easy share has five questions as she is written. She now it's gimme chair of Koreans whenever your down a commanding it's the Jackson 5 just give more rights to win all right. Hey no problem. You know like your confidence around there are a lot of all right clot in the spread that there is now Oates and okay. Doors it's. One schoolhouse rock yeah. The legend died in this week at the age of 94. It was the man who was responsible for me. Sons that helped us learn how to count in multiply. Including the song I'm just a bill yes I'm only a bill and I'm sitting here I end. What there are. The rock couldn't go to girls from so we did something else that was pretty cool he gave her entire theater. Snacks for all of her friends. And it was CC specifically the movie that he is starring in now based off the video game what is that movie column. Arab. Speaking of the rocky and his wife welcomed baby girl into the world this week dean named her TI nap. Now the rock voices the character and now eat and at the Disney film alana. And TI is a Disney princess and what film. But argument. Because of sudden infant the last. I don't act I think the thought in the event it. She can't ACL is back concern Elisabeth Moss is also known for her role as Peggy and what award winning TV show. Mad men and finally Adam Levine has given his view on his daughter is suing the music industry Molly's offer encouraging his kids passions. He shared that he doesn't believe in bringing your kids in from quote the C inbox to this stage. We just following is not a Maroon 5 song. Our corporate RA we'll bring him back again. I'm damned. Not Selig eyes got tirade I see here just miss one little tiny DC Ella and assert her neighbors saw that is I. Or. Very good Claudia and yeah. So schoolhouse rock legend dad this week at the age of 94 he was the man behind the very first schoolhouse rock songs reason magic number and went on to help bring many signs that taught us how to multiply and add in all those good things including I'm just a billion Somalia bill and I'm sitting here on the. Capitol Hill that is there are nice guys chat about euro's is making these Texas board come on now and it was go how's progress. Cards and yes. Our memory and how loud it was out in the seventies and editor read. I remember is it also play when we your kids because they were re hearing all about it during Saturday morning thirteen Andre has thank genders and us. Tiger remember. I didn't watch it Chad. So the rock was asked to do that high school students crime and he couldn't goes we did something else that was pretty cool ocean heat rented out entire theater for her and her friends and Bob snacks for every wind. And he showed it facilities currently starring in based off a video game what is that film called ram. Also speaking of Iraq in his last welcomed a new baby girl as the world this week and they named church TI and after. Jian is it Disney princess and what filmed. After I guess here or Disney princess and what's felt it's not a beauty in the eastern. Disney now. Gionta. It's. Still. Why. It's a princess and the frog she's in the prior girlfriend says and I'm so sad because it hundred I'm win on a Disney cruise. And then one night the entire steam that day of the dinner was the princess and the crew member on the new or like you love New Orleans it was all set New Orleans in the swamp and they all got dressed up there isn't dancing alligator and you read it took a. Or someone else was ceasing to idealize that I don't remember that our member of pirate and I hate the I don't remember this at all I entered into an alligator yeah I will sign the picture I. Bad bad bad bad. So I can't made sale is back can start Elizabeth Hamas is also known for her role is Peggy and what award winning TV show. No. Madman running and his parents and highly Adam Levine has given his view on his daughters are pursuing in the music industry and volleys offer encouraging his kids cash in she shared that he doesn't believe in bringing your kids from the sea and knocks to the stage. Which of the following is not Emery anti sodomy animals weighed the caller closer. Closers cheeseburgers. Claudia. Loves her. Yeah you say you are gun fire line and right now I need. You're kind of line because you didn't you at least he knew the name of the movie but I get it you've yet to get exactly and try to get so far. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades Claudia. The Jack. But enough about them. And they got beat both tasks.