{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Claudia

Wednesday, May 16th

Will Claudia beat Booker? Will she win a pair of tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band? Listen and play along!

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His record is 932 wins in just 93 losses this morning Sarah river Claudia Claudia is a stand Obama shirts and let's outward Austin's favorite game. The. Game. All girlfriends going down tomorrow can be Booker lives. At the domain. Giving show exciting we've played over a thousand times and we've never done it live. Until now punch bowl social 68. Your chance with some amazing price is sure of we'll see tomorrow night it's Thursday night 68 pledged full social. Domain for can't be book a lively mix 947 I Claudia we got. Only current shares and as he's five pop culture trivia questions just give more right to meet two way. And that tickets to Dave Mathews bit. All right Claudia mr. Brad Booker is outs. The storm. Damn question number one and I mentioned yesterday that keep Winston is why ace had a new baby and they named her marveled sheet. It's believed that they named her after captain marvel at his real name is Carol season Jane. What actresses playing captain marvel and the upcoming movie. Ole I have no idea. Take Ryan Reynolds made a surprise appearance on a South Koreans singing show called king of mask singer. Contestants on the show where amassed conceal who they are while they're performing in 2009. What film these star and with Sandra Bullock. Associate. I know it's a wind right to keep picture holy time there. I don't even now. Cake remember he had to do something it was all about he added to I'm sorry tech. Benedict come there are matches made it now on that he will not be accepting roles of his female co stars are not paid equally protecting Israeli club. And 2014. The Oscar winning drama and am in teaching game who has his female costar the plea Jones Clark. This is looking at. I don't know. Okay Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle are co headlining a standard tour they're only doing seven shows three or Boston. You're in huge city to El Paso, Texas so it's a looked over and we got to El Paso. And it's cool because in order to detour scalpers and box tickets are available exclusively. Through ticket masters severe side CN platform The Daily Show hosted by Don Jon Stewart was on my network. And finally could harm any. Perform their final show this test began. The women shared back in March that they're gonna go on an indefinite hiatus so the four of them can move forward to the next chapter in their life who left the group first. An Arab world opinion we'll bring him back. Buck. And I. She got three great. Helped her a little bit. Again I guided through guided her out of her way I hope bunker doesn't it now I can't not give him the same guidance you will. And given the sorrow and what you're really just lead because I don't think you'll get it. Okay so he wins him. She yesterday just had a new baby and being named her marveled Jane it's believed they named her after captain marvel of Israel Amos Jerrells season Jane. What do actresses playing captain marvel an upcoming navy. Captain marvel is the character. What actress is playing yeah Scarlett Johansson now not. It's trailers and an aunt and she casually enter is your am showing all the cool working out she's been doing and why not you know she did win an Academy Award a couple of years ago so there are people. It's okay united. Debris election. Ryan Reynolds made a surprise appearance on a South Korean singing show called and seeing a mask singer. Contestants on the show Wear masks to conceal who they are while they're performing. Weird shows anyway and she doesn't and I am what bill that he started with standard electric. Whom Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds is all about. This title is all about what he had to do for CN turbines. I was the guidance they gave heard what he didn't do for Sandra Bullock for new proposal. Yeah yeah. To comer that has made it known that he will not be accepting roles of his female co stars are not paid equally. And she doesn't fourteen under the Oscar winning drama the imitation game you know was his female costar that played John Clark. Your nightly yet. Syria and Dave Chappelle are doing a co headlining CN ensured there are only doing seven shows three in Boston to Houston and two I'll pass out. And in court and ordered. Well. The dogs out. Did you ever call LTE. And now now on yeah. Even be ready if I did not elderly album and have blitz to meet college LT. I NG yeah. In ordered changes tourist Albers and bus tickets will be available exclusively. Through ticketmaster's verified and platforms from The Daily Show is on my network. Comedy Central that are entirely. Did harmony performed their final show this past weekend in the women shared back to march that they will be going. Gonna indefinite hiatus so the four and they can move forward to the next chapter in LA who left the group to burst. Believe it is Khamese Latin cup they know that a scratch for a tiebreaker. Love the fourteen people for lives hint hint that served in your avengers knowledge gap. Brown shark because of danger skills quicker guys come do my best. Claudia thanks so much for playing this from. Guess.