{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Crystal

Monday, April 16th

Brad's opponent today: Crystal from Georgetown...tune in to find out who takes the win.


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There's your record is 911 wins and just not 81 losses this morning necessary for crystal crystal blizzard Georgetown. It's amazing to me at all around Georgetown because she's a substitute teacher that's about where Constance favorite game. Yeah. Hey here are the majority of teachers always scared mean. I'm scared really play particularly well. On the Internet Carmelita it's yeah it's a whole other world your plant shooting. It is he is. Clarified teachers are scary GG scary when a player who can be Booker because they always do really really. Good luck TI. I'm impressed he had no pressure so you gotta come any it's the same five all right trust me show announcer New York court. Yeah. Chris Holmes spread military is out. The need still. Right question number one. That Taylor Swift CN stand up that there are thirteen references to alcohol that's her new album. And only four on her previous. Five albums. So obviously she's nasty to her life she wants to brag about drinking what is the name of her new album. I know I'm a written statement. Everytime I see a trailer for oceans eight I get role excited it's the ladies version and knows. The oceans white and eleven and twelve and all of those. Anyway who is playing the lead to criminal cleaning the Heisman basically did George Clooney role in oceans eight. I don't know why don't take. Sarah Michelle Geller is 41 years old as of Saturday and what did she used to slay her on a TV show. Are there. Selena would've celebrated a birthday today she grew up in what Texas town but it would. And finally an auction feud between Neil Patrick Harris and the Amazon CEO. Jeff these dose of hers it pays us. Parents was able to acquire a sketching portraits from Disney's haunted me and shin. Neil Patrick Harris has a whole collection of Disney items and that's his GM has are so firm haunted me and said. What SNL comedian stars in that film. And and yes I. I will bring back. She got 33. Experience their question number one. And Taylor Swift fan found out that there are thirteen references to alcohol on her new album that only four on her previous five album deal they mean. Thanks a list. Web she's drunk plus she is Jurgen loves to what is the name of her new album reputation. Or. Everytime I see a trailer for efficiency I get role excited it's the leading version I'm all the other ocean's movies. Who is playing the lead criminal planting the heist basically that George Clooney role in trouble ahead. There's L Larry is 41 as of that Saturday. Night what did she is just lay on the TV show. Bird bird empire yeah. Selena what a celebrated a birthday today Selena I grew up then what Texas town workers Christie is. And finally in an auction feud between Neil Patrick Harris in the Amazon CEO Jeff and today's uncertainties as I'll get early. The reason is I believe is her pronunciation of the same base as well on this very same bees are you just say Jesse Amazon yeah. Asked Amazon yeah. Anyway this is like rich guy dating Jerry Hayes was able to acquire sketching portraits from Disney's haunted me engine leases apparently his she and we tries to collect as many things is. Is he can from that movie. Yeah what SNL comedian stars and haunted mansion. There are no idea what. SNL comedian stars and haunting me cheeses me is this a new movie I'm not allowed to share information SNL comedian. I don't think about this for second yeah. Yeah I. Yeah who would be good in. I don't know who normally don't do now. Do you already know I don't I. So much for playing. Jane here aren't they did it but I'm and I'm crystal from Georgetown and I can be bus.