{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Katie

Friday, February 16th

A bartender in San Marcos plays against Brad Booker in today's Can't Beat Booker. See if she can close his winning tab!


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There's your record is 875. Wins we just immediate losses is warning sirens for Katie Katie lives and works in San Marcos where she's bartender let's welcome our austen's favorite game. Do you burn center. I'm aren't good I'm and cameras and that track how nice he did it yet somewhere in the combined CE. I AM. Right Katie ugly right now series gonna ask you five pop culture trivia question is she now legendary Joan while I'm gone and whenever your done I will come any answers changed by just get more right dwindled. Carry arms and the hey hey good luck I'm Anita. All right team as your bracket buster is is out the door. It's number one Michael Phelps and his wife just welcomed their second son true or false Michael. Holds the record for the most Olympic medals won it in a single Olympic Games. Cheerio. The weekend as three years old today his song that earned it was nominated for best original song and the Oscars. For what super cheap keystone not this year but in a pastor. It will grant. Black. Oh boy had. I think this will be chaired chaired. I have no idea. But this from the new trailer to the Incredibles two is out in the original on mr. and mrs. incredible having a super fast son is his name darts. Dash herbal. Dash and finally Camilla can Mayo is hitting the road in age girl. She is not coming anywhere near Texas she was discovered on what reality TV show. And oh Adam feminist. They America's Got Talent I don't think that's right I think that's what it says all right I'll bring them back and and. The guy. Immediate history I am ready here we go okay. Michael Phelps and his wife just welcomed their second son it's true or false Michael holds the record for the most Olympic medals won at a single Olympic Games. Giving us this little source worked as well as big swears she's and it didn't. Yeah assembly that feature this crap all metals. The weekend is 28 years old today. This sounds earned it was nominated for best original song. And the Academy Awards not this year Diana past year for what super kinky shown. Did you she's agree yeah. Why can't there is up Friday and star Michael B Jordan also starting Katrina where he learned to box from one famous movie character rocky yeah. Hello Michael Jordan is impaired and friend and ally in this is my peers Chicago bulls and Michael majority and I. And I'm Michael DR and it says each trailer her incredible two is out and the original mr. incredible at a super fast son this is named dart and dash herbal. It was a good question I love that movie. He got in 2004. Dash that is threatening to me like Hideo is hitting the road in April and she's not coming anywhere in your taxes she was just. Heard I wasn't really should I don't know man. I should know the issue this is GMBH on the dark pure gas rich. I'm gonna say X-Factor. Bright shade act and because I don't think it was a voice was not American Idol and I don't think you'd be America's Got Talent either X-Factor just kind of makes no sense to me because it's an undercover I know. Thanks back there and it did any was put together and yeah sort of determining correctly that southern Cal's current via yes we have got a five Arnold. And it's hard I gathered there is part. I do appreciate you listening ear durable thinking of me I am Katy from Denmark and I can't let her.