{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Katie

Friday, March 9th

Katie plays today's Can't Beat Booker! Can she ACTUALLY win though? Tune in, find out, play along!


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There's no record is 808. Nine wins in just eighty. I losses this morning Zardari for Katie. Danny Elizabeth look gorilla makes a community Cedar Park where she's a patient coordinator less well we're Austin's favorite game. Our Aran hey we're gonna play can't be Booker share during five questions as she's gonna ask you amount of the room whenever your done all committing has seen five just get more right to win. I'm leaving now I'll be right. All right JDMR gradual turn is now roads V door girl. Question number one Russell Crowe and his wife for divorcing in their holding an auction. We stepped from gladiator let mad as Cinderella man highly confidential and rob pursue hampered. In Cinderella man Russell Crowe competed in what sport. Our room. The shape of water won best picture at the Oscars. Last Sunday. True or false it is the very first scifi films to ever win best picture. Nick offerman an Amy Poehler have a new show coming to NBC in July called making it it's a crafting show. They start and what NBC showed two dads are in the nick offerman any Amy Poehler. I partner act alma draft house is building a video rental store and Raleigh. Every single movie will be available to rent for free. They're gonna make money off the VCR as they ran to be here they sell in the all the memorabilia that aren't there any blockbusters. Are left in the state of Texas. And finally a wrinkle in time is out ten David Starr is. I'll draft is Oprah won an Academy Awards for a movie she's been informed. Heard the album RA will bring him back and book. And my bag and she gets you right you're darn yard thanks to be ready. I guess I'm OK Russell Crowe and his wife. Divorcing and they're holding an auction said they're gonna have stuff from gladiator let met Cinderella man LA confidential and romper Samberg. So Robert schober as Arthur in the film Cinderella me and Russell Crowe competed in what sport yeah. I have no idea track and field. Seeing him as one of the boxing movies I never saw that little box there that are retired in the need to come back and Newsweek. Holds her music doesn't just as he's ever read all there is a great movie. And shake the water won best picture at the Academy Awards is shared true or false and they're very first sacrificed him to win best picture. District could be subject to question depending on weight considers I find Maliki this for a quick second chair. Avatar did win best picture because I would still say that that's when Nellie didn't. I can't think another scifi film that won best picture somebody say yes it probably was. There's only so they actually of thirteen scifi films critics think were actually better than shape the water but that did not ever win an Oscar nor were the nominee like ground zero. Nick offerman Amy Fuller avenue show coming in DC in July called making it it's a crafting show them they start and what NBC showed together. Nick offerman the color were in person or. Yeah alma Josh else's building and video rental store and rallied every single movie will be available to rent for free. They'll make money off the VCR as they rent the beer they sell. And the memorabilia and fourteens are there any blockbusters left in the state of Texas. Usually like eight left in the country who believe it or not that's a lot more I think a lot of people think you're but I don't think there's one and the Texas most of their Merle in Alaska. The last unless Texas this year in January that it was and Bloomberg Texas sorry I like a car dealership in Edinburgh out. It's a wrinkle in time is out today it is star is a draft is over won an Academy Award for a movie she's been and oh yeah for sure now. What's not good and she's telling me. Oprah Winfrey is never won at us that is what I am telling you find it hard to believe but I trust you're married three guys while. Barely be educating while I was close. Derek has asked the anti. Eight included I can't see them.