{LISTEN} Can't Beat Booker with Trish

Friday, May 18th

Trish is up! Can she defeat Brad Booker? Tune in, play along, and find out!

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There's your record is 935. Wins in just 93 losses this morning Zardari for Trish treasure pleasant round rock makes me to northeast awesome wears his teacher read lots ice cold but well word Austin's favorite game. All right cherished kind of like Jimmy Booker shares her and five pop culture trivia question she's gonna ask you on out of the room whenever your done a coming into the same five to get more right or the Dave Matthews. At circuit of the America it's good luck. Yes shed actress by the way gloss and high school have a friend that says a teacher and LBJ. It channels into one of the Smart schools and a stand back and aren't mr. Brad Baker is out the door. Number why and then. Can element as he plays Veronica tell lives in this seat Debbie user river dale it was in gas strap filming her new movie coyote late this filming wrapped up over Mother's Day weekend when 90210 star is also in Riverdale. I don't mean and I have no idea. Take Tina Fey is 48 years old today surged 82 in the movie date night eight. There's a rumor going around that just in the row is dating Selena Gomez was if that is true like are you flipping kidding me. And his soon to be ex wife is furious too is just in to grow just married to him. I don't know but didn't. CBS and elder schedule for the next season which includes a Magnum PI reboots. And a murky brown revival what is mercy Brown's job. Or and finely Prince Harry in Macon Merkel have accused Cooper bridesmaids and page boys at their royal wedding ten of them in fact. Can you name email one of prince williams' children. Who will be in the wedding. William child. Just ma am I'm just mean in name of one you know or Margaret and I are able to imagine. It's something you know as soon. Imagine that there. OK but. She got one night. What was about literature. She said ask questions relish addition it was harder than she thought you know what's interesting is whenever literature comes up on jeopardy trash I'm like. I'm out because I never got it but there was one core shall final jeopardy this week about literature. And. And I answered it correctly and nobody else on the show did that was so myself. Up. Question number one Camilla Mendez who plays Veronica lodge in the CW's Riverdale. It was in gas job filming her new movie can you be laying and the filming wrapped up over Mother's Day weekend what manner she wanna start is and Riverdale. Yeah it's big show they know where it is it is on the CW absolutely. It's it's a grunt guessing your 3-D sadistic guy I'm guessing Luke Perry can't actually goalie Luke Perry because he's been a lot of crappy stuff lately. Perry's I casts. Eight. First of all this is totally a show your wife might watch that before you call eight crappy material and watch yourself but it would carry. I have a river to help people are listening to certain towns sell TSA is forty years old today who's your date in the movie date night. Yeah Steve Carell. So there's a rumor going around that just Cinderella is dating Selena Gomez shoot me right now that's true yeah. I like that can I just I roll and just to be done. So obviously is seen to be ex wife and little kids. Who is just in married Sam Jennifer Aniston's RX. Please dear god let that just be a rumor. CBS and the other schedules for next season and it includes a Magnum PCI reboots and eight Murphy Brown revival Lois Murphy Brown's job. She's turning but I never watched a show that's not her. A sunny now she's an investigative journalists. All I was just a lawyer are so she was a turning to just yesterday out since she is an attorney in a new year gonna say attorney kids out. Second I had not sided. But one on our Washington thank you work forward again. I league Prince Harry mega Merkel have the key is eager to bridesmaids and page boys as their calls on their royal wedding date ten of them in fact. Leading the pack bridal attendants are the royal siblings can you name one of prince williams' kids. Jorge Norman and I don't know is that the answer yes that's our oldest she's four. Let me as a little babies. That if you're out of five look at these sort of player appreciate it. I'm pitch ground aren't I can't beat.