{LISTEN} Cap City Comedy Club Stand Up

Wednesday, May 16th

Need a good laugh? Listen to this!

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Excited for seven from the gap position apology after printing an incorrect to map of China on T shirts. Luckily the mistake was caught by every single person who makes T shirts for the gaffe. CI's British that is she's gonna do stand up comedy she's gonna overcome her fear she was get you get a ride a shack and get up and perform. For the very first time ever. We're like what you want. Why don't we just do this for everyone anyone wants to participate yeah. So we opened up last night for listeners who have always wanted to do stand up comedy but didn't really know power. It were afraid that they're going to be judge and with some other really good people and we could not have been more surprised. By people who showed up last night who many. Like you Sarah rode out there are set you know hours before I heard days before. And got up and did an amazing job here's some of her favorite. I try. Not to visit any doctor is very often but my last visit to my GP he says to me when do you drink. And I said yes I didn't I only drink imported chocolate wine. I only drink on days that Indian why. And I only drink in bed with the side rails up. So I move a muscle a special needs teacher in round rock. I says you like the legal publisher harder this is special place for you have in a way. I'm an atheist. Just getting you know I'm a Baptist is getting. Did you are hi I'm Nancy. I'm the token blind Sheikh tonight. I was sick crew last week and I'm looking for new skirt I go in there with my stick make him I waved trying to figure things out courses and we did help me. I talked a couple Americans get some bad information. Down. Sun Mazen. Dye my hair blonde so people don't expect me to be smarts. I average is zero point sixty BA my first semester of colleagues. Oh thank you thank you that's why did it for the glory. My mom was so embarrassed easily see games as he gave me a semis toward the kinda kill myself with. Second die with honor good evening everyone. With his dreamy accent comes from. I'm from love it. Not prime from whales in the UK and even though we know a lot of how whales it seems to be very complicated for people which I don't really understand it's. It's a country like England let's not England. And Michael will which is not a country it's a principality wales' also prints about even though duchy like cool. Doing Great Britain just on the United Kingdom I really don't know what he was confused about its. Very straightforward. Can we give it out for a makes many for point 7%. But he got an awesome show. And I feel like the three hosts the always how much the same like similarities. There's always going. Tough like I guess like ten like man to man guy that their site always the girl. And there's like the sexually ambiguous guy. And that's I think then. So Alex I'm coming for your job. Hi guys so again I love the aisle that I think everybody should have less medication. Outing club anyways a really really really fun night and thank you again share were so proud each it's an amazing job. Thank you for letting me do it of course and had.