{LISTEN} Is Charging For a Kid's Birthday Party Acceptable?

Friday, March 9th

What do you think about paying for your kid to be able to attend their friend's birthday party? One mom decides to do just that when throwing her kid's birthday party.


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Excited for seven these she wrote collection. Celebrates female leaders or should leaders. In a variety of fields such says. Helen do rose eight Michelin starred chef and patty Jenkins director of Wonder Woman finally. Girls won't feel left out on the boys play would their action figures of Wolfgang Puck. And soared to director Alan Taylor. Have learned it's apparent now its expansion and it's not just expensive for a reason your kids in all the stuff the you don't even think about the gender factor and tear it right now where dad stage work everybody in Greece in my three year old class is having a birthday party and in our neighbors down the street there haven't another birdie down and. Kinda doubt do enjoy. This party and you got to do a barrel in the last can I guess now other new birdies once a year yeah I mean this thing is is they get older basically your Saturdays and Sundays or just overtaken by rotating the classroom one birthday party to the next thing you could have three or four backs have passionate inundated sounds expensive too. We've got a really good job of getting out of these merging parties just that simple reason Alex by Darren curfew that we had ago we've had a room the halls of target. While we're gonna get sound and what's the joy they'd show and so is gonna allow and make sure they don't have. And I'm curious is what you think about it. Who is charging seven dollars ahead for children to attend her kid's birthday party room Isaac 29 year old mom of twins have a she claims she has changed the dynamics of children's parties by asking fellow parents not to bring a gift for her five year old boys and instead. She's asking them to pay seven dollars towards the thirteen dollar cost of the ticket so basically wherever she's telling his birthday party they're charging thirteen dollars ahead. Can't you bring seven dollars which pays for half and she covers the other half what it. He had aids you know it's better than them couples and say oh instead of against make a donation to one of our favorite charities. Do they really do that I've been known birthday party where they said that it's like you're LA that's like the look and Mina where rich Stanley we don't need your money giants some good cause. I love it think about all the time you're gonna save not wandering the halls of target there's no way you are buying gifts for seven dollars I'd bet most sitting dish you're buying relate 1499. If 1299. And I was so they definitely gonna save you money yeah saving time state be stressed having to wrap the present and electoral little bow incredible little bow. This is. Awesome it's awesome let's also tacky as the parent I think it's course I. Never do that I would never charged through them in my kids' birthday party and I have a three year old and have a one year old I had a one year old birthday party for my son that was huge and I'm about to have a one year old one for my daughter is just make sure is apparently tag yet think. There's another check in shares column she's actually giving every kid a goodie bag valued at at least six dollar what. Now here's an argument against K. Kids in the cause parents they pasted that party's already know. And they pay for them and now need to know they pay for their range kids constantly not a sixteen and they didn't exist. Is where you scored trains that they might have older siblings are younger youngest innings today connections parties and having expects Casey dual kids Hansen's team. It's a very good point these guys and when you host your own birthday party for your children you have to pay for everything right and now you're expected to go to this birdied party and pay for and they are party to. That's true but again calcium a man argument that there is no gift out there you're buying for birthday party that seven dollars Sears saving money. And a sandbag ours is does he lost here that he was sacked. And yeah. And Michelle see the burger eating out charging for kids parties. I'm so I certainly think that when parents bring guests at their way of kind and happy earth and thank you. I don't think any athlete should be required a lock and would edit any camera and a one dollar belt and knocked it. At the Paris I think it's terrible exactly next scene is just had to an area where I ain't exactly actually I have a birthday party and you're gonna require money and you're at home that what you're handling. Vicky and Kyle you're not a fan of this idea. As the pack he had been and ever heard us exactly. That's the worst they have ever. There's don't want nobody to turn their kids are you if you've agreed to do that your child like you're throwing the party that says otherwise you're going with a group of people but when the kid RD man. She. And the dollars and woman is asking in lieu of gaffes. Please just donate seven dollars to her kids birdie party what do you think about data what do you think about. Actually. Setting up a cover charge to go to number I'm not our ads and basically what it has. Bill if they aren't going to bring a gift that it's okay great cast because they can you do it right. Time door popped liquid in the bank credit it to play. Why did it this year. OK that's your point Jan and also what do you think. Hi I am I had a comment about that you know. Nobody's talking about like about it and what's under not fun for them and extinct in the lights. You know part of having a birthday party is having yes and I noted a lot of kids there really well there really entitled site. You know I don't agree to take away from the kids that you know having your friends bring yesterday I was dark and whatnot is part of a button and having Robert the burden. That's a great point and because even as adults we're disappointed when someone uses a different gift card or something like that it doesn't put any creativity in there we are. I am my wife says. Yeah in the lot of anticipation and excitement when the kids from any dot you know this superhero yeah rap and their like coComment than you know getting common having to get part of. Got Greg called Janet thank you think he'll Leander kind of share that same inside you like and you'll what do you tell your kid who you know you go on all these other parties these kids are getting gifts. And then you're not shown that's a really really good point thank you Janet thank you Vicki Sara. A lot Texas 51993. For example I think it's fine Booker and Alex both mentioned how expensive being a parent is an I would pay seven dollars to not have to see rumor on target any day of the week all day every day. We also got tacky as aids exclamation exclamation. I don't have a part I don't have a partner all that's better than charging just don't have a party at all that's better than charging other parent. Absolutely. Don't have a party don't. Set yourself up that embarrassment and that you'll save money. I am not all about not having a party.