{LISTEN} Chloe Kim

Tuesday, February 13th

The trio discuss Chloe Kim, the star of the Winter Olympics. The 17-year-old just won the Olympic gold last night, beating out her competition on her first try in the event Women's Snowboard Half-Pipe. Tune in to hear a small bit of her back story, from being a teenager from California, her parents being from South Korea, and her dad introducing her to snowboarding at the age of four...Booker, Alex, and Sara talk about it all.


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Julie Olympics yeah. Not as exciting at least to mean. And now the Winter Olympics they're not to me at all tonight a Winter Olympics guy he and I hear that from so many people are like I'd love the Olympics Summers might jam winter like I got a million alerts yesterday about Khloe Kim OK so she's the star the winner let's just the bug that's and that's. Fast with her and I did obsessive perfectly good applicable we what's the deal. If there is one person that you need to pay attention to its Khloe Kim and that's all ever ready Jimmie talking about Chloe Kenneth seventeen years old. And won the Olympic gold in the last night and here's that they really interesting thing. In the air competition. Each competitor. Gets to retry yes. She won the gold medal for the first time calculation anyway yeah. She was so go hide. And just nailed it she didn't even need to do it but the funny thing is she got even though she had already won the gold she still dead in any line. And she got a bass scored the third one she almost got a perfect. Are so you do you go after the first I and you look at the you don't hurt because dirty had a great time the first time yeah. Times are first run herder in 93 point 75 knowing even came close to beating at. But even though she already won the gold she did her final I got in 98 point two. Fatah Texas swagger Manson that's she doesn't she won the snowboarding. On the half hour yes a day. That's correct when it's tough fight gotcha and guys she did it seventeen years old now here's the thing that makes this fall in love with. Chloe capital first though I want to hear how this all went down hurt it. And after issue on the gold medal she did an interview with Mike three Cohen caught a glimpse of herself a national one of the monitors Agudio so they she started he'll play by play she was watching herself. I mean when it is not rare and very welcome to I have I have. It kind of jeopardizes everything and you're not in control of its about what happens. Oh there it is there's tram. Yeah. And I'm so happy as they look down my fresh and and I think the freshens up is the most nerve racking. And teleconference and then just grabs as she goes plans to build. She got. Oh it's it's that's what I love matters as she's so active on social media oh my god she's the best of social media you've got to follow her and see Graham and her Twitter because she's. Funny on Twitter and she's just cool Nancy Graham get firm. In between her competition she was talking about how she was hungry when she was gonna. Eve in and so Mary Charlotte some ice cream you bet your competitors are like oh my gosh this this has just squeak governor about switching losses like oh I had teacher as soon. However there are nervous you know it's enter as. Now that's a. The I think a lot about the Olympics is the back Stewart's right and that's who really gets people going is the story behind that athlete. Her story is incredible. Because. She is from California. But her parents. About this are South Korean gap they came over in 1980 TO show. How amazing is it that she was able to win their first Olympic Medal in South Korea I asked where her parents are from. And I think that's one of the things that people are really fun love like there was even a commercial during the C verbal about her and her dad and her dad is the 1 entered eastern snowboarding at age four. And he eventually quit his job so that he could just fully support her and drag her there in California for the house dry lands in the image and stuff right and that Jesus Mary he's the dad Sony Pictures of them just. You know a typical bad drive and his daughter to do it she loves. This is Gibson now she started floor yeah I have one year yet I sat on a snow board yeah I mean that's it feels like woo. I was just talking like about this because we have a three year old TO and only we need to get Greece and in this something I don't care why Nene is but it like there I. All of these people who were amazingly I started when I was three years old three forward tends to be like the magic number. Shell if you have a five year old UK they screwed who. I have a I have a child I. Yeah Olympics or out of the question yes the starter for the gallery there are you really do three or fours like imagine. Well the last parents who haven't done and have a trip also I mean wherever they had the Olympics it's not a bad place right I mean what he'll be vacation for us while they're competing well and Khloe Kim even though she's from California she trained in Switzerland from eight years old for her parents harassment so I don't know. And the other things that we love about Khloe Kim is the lake Sheridan was talking about her dad. Her dad was there she won the gold and he was holding up a handmade signs that say go Chloe with a big old hard. Let me island and I'll follow the they're even more we terminator lame name start to the C Unita Taylor yes. And it's just not a and manner in doubt and now we are though I mean she could easily be a cardiac share because she's Chloe. Can't photo day I side note shot and why he too performed yesterday he sky should perform can Peta. I think he scored in 98 point 50 in his qualifying run he had 21260s. And around that's three and a half rotations in the air. So he's still going strong race card. All big games they anyway Chloe cab she's there she is this car and that's naming going to be here and a lot today good morning thanks for listening to mix.