{LISTEN} Double Standards

Monday, April 23rd

Are there double standards when making a comment about the opposite sex when you're in a relationship?

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Thanks for 710. Of the patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Just bought a resource name ground. We'll see spends most of his time eating grass and chasing after birds along the horses kind of watching. Your relationship is when I'm pretty happy in the sense that if I find a woman attractive I can tell my wife and she can say the same thing to me about guys who she finds tie it didn't it's one of those situations where we don't have that weird thing and our relationship. It's had never done that was my life now never I don't feel comfortable there that I mean advice is like OJ. And let's dig a bit of liberals so hot now I've never done that John. Within a lately says there's a double standard when his girlfriend says a famous guys hide but he says a girl aside she wants to kill him. That's up now. Oh boy please John think. Yeah yeah like I I don't know what it is I feel like sometimes when she says. It's somebody on TV is hot air is that. Palestinians by I don't have been rude to you aren't and see what. I did you know there started because realizing in the security pillar earned he Buick this Iranians. View. As. Exactly regularly. And then wearing their income now writes this ridiculous. How Britain looked amazing and our great god. And beautiful piece. So are eager to where we're not having snack and watch and the other reluctant the rest show in the other room. I thought and are in our day like Dave what if you're sitting here like why why what the problem here. And she figured they're not either he does not arrogant. There's a pretty good chance you're never gonna run into those famous people. Aha and it's not shouldn't be an issue you shouldn't have to feel LA. Have you heard of the hall pass it's something is some couples do they create this a list of people words ever in a situation. There able to hook up with them then they get a hall pass regularly in top three top five list of famous celebrities and on paper it's kind of a fun little thing but to implement that your real life it is a bit of an unfair advantage for Larry because if Vinnie from the Jersey Shore art is on your girlfriend's list of her whole -- is. Initiation could meet Manning and he's gonna look over your girlfriend. Booker and Alex do you guys emerging your feelings hurt if you are just watching a movie and your wife says like obtained Chris Hemsworth is so hot now. And I don't know because he. Is saying hey I don't listen time that actually right when they say there hi I you have to admit that they are X but the whole class doesn't fly in my house my wife and I've never done hey here's a hall has less and she has a very good reason why she doesn't on the radio and Austin yeah as we always have people like actors and actresses singer songwriter people coming through there. Better possibility of mean to have been a halt last person come through than her over the governor's office and. Jonathan situation shared a double standard for guys and for girl's idea because I am so guilty of this if I'm watching a movie a really I think he's really good looking I'll say that L I think that actor and really good looking. But maybe Cassidy with the fact that guys don't see it matter factually all the Scarlett Johansson is a very attractive young lady their legs and. And I was sure I look at her Manny as a hands on.