{LISTEN} Emergency SOS on iPhone 6

Friday, February 16th

Click this button five times if you ever find yourself in an emergency. Did you know this existed on your iPhone?


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We are Booker Alex and Sierra and Alex has something that could Shea. Crazy I did not know this until I read it on social media actually one of the guys and senator -- rules that's on Bravo this guy Jackson dog Alaska I thought I would ever learn some things from posted this and I age trying to my son Mike oh my god this is awesome but his post said ladies look nice those of your ever in a dangerous situation or an unsafe situation pressed the lock button on your phone five times in a row. And you'll get this the united Booker Sarah hold a referring to get fighters are. Yes a little thing ones I 3459234. Fax. Well. I never knew that existing yeah. Right what pops up is the slide of power off medical ID an emergency SOS so what happens if I do emergency SOS if you swipe right former CS OS it notify is 911. So basically let's say you're on a day. It's not going great do you feel like oh my god you want your car and you feel licensees as my out this is it the worst case scenario if you feel free dad you can not now no one you just click your phone five times on the right the lock button and by the way that's iPhone six. And older I found seven in new where it's a different feature but you can go in there and change assays where it's just block where it's a click click click click is that like candidacy for one. And killed notified and I want and also the crazy thing app. After you turn off the notification for SOS it'll notify your emergency contacts in your medical ID it'll send them a GPS coordinate of your location so right now I have my wife and my dad. And my own my good friends in as immersed contest it'll tell them exactly where Matt. OK so let's say I don't wanna do right now so don't be doing it on land but if I hit emergency SOS. Does operator knows that I just hit emergency SOS from my act sound. What do guys is it actually were all paying the law enforcement and then it will give them your GPS coordinates and they will dispatch a police officer to exactly where your phone is I don't necessarily have to talk to them. Say a word that's why. They use this in situations where are not able to speed. So let's say like yeah I you can use your founders my dad he knew did you else sneaky style click click click click like five times boom in doubt that one for you that's awesome I'm gonna practice that in my pot doesn't know isn't your nest egg I'd like and not. He takes his show last 251993. We will lies he wrecked information on this very well conceived relied.